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Career What to do with Adu?


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The Much Adu about Nothing Challenge

The wonderkid is on the scrapheap, 28 years old and he should be in his prime but everyone has washed their hands of him.

I still feel he has something to offer so I decided to bring Adu back to Portugal and Benfica to see if he prove the critics wrong and put some good final seasons before retiring.



Transfers Out
Forgot to screenshot this but the bids came flying in so I got rid of Pizzi, Cervi, Ola Jon, Salvio, Jonas from the first team squad.

Transfers In
Along with Adu, Patrik Schick was the big money signing along with Alex Telles from our rivals Porto. Kellyn Acosta is strong US BBM and I also bought in the two Brazilian wonderkids Arthur and Wendell. Phil Jones arrived in January for a bargain £15m from Man Utd.

A poor start to the season as Vitória de Guimarães ease past us in the Supercup.

League Cup
Despite playing against 10 men we can see off Sporting in AET and then lose on pens in the semi-final.

Champions League
Chelsea take their chances better in the First Knockout Round as we bow out.

Taca de Portugal
Sporting again! This time two tight victories cause us more semi final heartache 

Portuguese Premier League 
A comfortable league campaign with just one defeat gives us our first title 

Team of the Year
Good showing as 8 of our players make the team of the year but sadly no Adu.

Team Stats
Schick and Jimenez led the way sharing the Poacher role with Adu backing up well. Krovinovic did well the AP role just behind.

Freddy Adu
So the wonderkid should be in his prime but his stats are still very much non-league! He did well in his IF role, scoring 11 and assisting 7 in the season.

a73223e1a036fff13789e73650357b6c.pngGoals (11) and Assists (7) - TOTAL 18

Edited by danovic78
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37 minutes ago, Kingsolop said:

Not a bad start for someone with his stats.

Yeah, he has pretty dreadful stats these days.

13 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

It's crazy that Freddy is only 28! Would love to see him do well for you as the way his career is going he could be gone from the DB next year:(

He is doing the best I could expect really, no improved in his stats. The board wasn't happy when I signed him! :(

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15 hours ago, Quinnbo said:

The myth, the legend!  Looking forward to following his career...again.

'You can do it too, with Adu'



I am trying but not much to play with here...

14 hours ago, Ashez said:

It's actually sad seeing him that bad lmao. Nice start mate! 

I know, the poor guy is barely Vanarama standard!

13 hours ago, samhardy said:

He looks about 50 in that picture ffs. Nice start!

All the travelling the world for a handful of games has taken its toll! :'(

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Come on Danovic you gotta manage at least one green attribute with Adu. Triple IT his regime, play him every game, get the US job and lift ITN caps.. This career ain't over till you give it us 1 green ? 

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2 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Come on Danovic you gotta manage at least one green attribute with Adu. Triple IT his regime, play him every game, get the US job and lift ITN caps.. This career ain't over till you give it us 1 green ? 

What can I say, Bati. The guy hates to train. I must have had the "slacking in training messages" about 10 times on the first two seasons! (n)

Just like real life, wasting the talent it seems...

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25 minutes ago, danovic78 said:

What can I say, Bati. The guy hates to train. I must have had the "slacking in training messages" about 10 times on the first two seasons! (n)

Just like real life, wasting the talent it seems...

He's like, "Adu what I want" :laugh:

Nice start with him ! It reminds me of my FM07 and FM09 games where I had him at Monaco.... Sad he didn't get through !

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Season 2

So onto Season 2 in Portugal. Lets see if Adu can build on a good first season.

Transfers Out
Lots of going out the door, lost Montoya as he wanted to leave and everyone hated him.
Couldn't turn down the Carvalho money too as he wasn't a first team starter.

Transfers In
A bit investment in my midfield with the powerhouses of Kessie and Doucoure coming along with Gagliardini. Havertz was needed for some more creativity too.

Adu was in top form with a goal and two assists as we ease past Sporting in the season opener.

League Cup
A tight final against Porto was decided by Jimenez.

Champions League
Another First Round Knockout defeat as Juve dominate us in the second leg.

Taca de Portugal
A terrible showing as we blow chance after chance to fall to a Fifth round penalty defeat to União da Madeira.

Portuguese Premier League 
Another stroll to the league title with just one defeat again and a solid defence.

Team of the Year
So close to a complete team as we see 9 Benfica players making the team, including Adu for the first time.

Team Stats
Jimenez was in great form again topping the scoring charts with Adu backing up well. Havertz made a immediate impact from January onwards.

Freddy Adu

So my coach thinks he might "fail to realise his potential" bit late for that I think!

Adu was in better goal-scoring form this season banging in 17 and his assists matched last season with 7.
Two green stats there too, should keep
@BatiGoal happy!



Season 1 - Goals (11) and Assists (7) - TOTAL 18

Season 2 - Goals (17) and Assists (7) - TOTAL 24

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42 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

I never doubted your managerial capabilities, mate, beautiful greens :D And nice to Kaiser Kai kicking a ball too! 

Ha, Ha! Its all downhill further from here now he is nearly 30!

Yeah, had to sign him up when he became available.

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12 hours ago, JustM1kePlays said:

Absolutely love this! I pretty mch sign Adu on every save I do where I can. I have 2 saves on the go at the moment he is in both squads. Haha

Sadly he is not the Adu of old but in a lower league he can do a job.

12 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

Great to see Freddy making more of a contribution this year and he has some green stats as well!

Yep, he was stepping up this season. Still got a few more years left.

9 hours ago, Ashez said:

That's more like it! Smashing season mate

Thanks, still having my usual struggle in the Champion League! :'(

6 hours ago, Ares_2 said:

:SHis mentality attributes are growing very slowly.

Very slowly indeed...

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Season 3

So Adu heads into his third season in Portugal, I think I will look for a change of scenery and maybe look to take Adu to another country at the end of the season.

Transfers Out
A couple of big money deals, Zivkovic was playing second fiddle to Adu in FL position so he wanted out and Wendel didn't really hit top form so we could afford to get rid.

Transfers In
Not much coming in as I looked to utilise the very good youth players at Benfica. Just Klaiber slotting in at RB.

A tight Supercup was decided by Grimaldo of all people against Porto.

League Cup
Oh dear, knocked out in the group stage! 

Champions League
After my usual knockout meltdown, we bow out to Chelsea in the First Round.

Taca de Portugal
A tight final was decided by Krovinovic against Sporting. 

Portuguese Premier League 
Our third league title was comfortable again.

Team of the Year
So nearly a total sweep, who is this Perdigao fella? Then again we don't have a right sided player in my team apart from my right back.

Jimenez and Schick take the top two strikers in the World Best XI

Team Stats
Jimenez and Schick again shared the striker role and both hit 30 plus goals. Krovinovic was great in the AP role just behind.

Manager Stats

Freddy Adu

His good form ensures his picks the the USA Player of the Year Award

Freddy has hit the big 30 and looks dreadful but he had his best season so far with 19 goals and 15 assists



Season 1 - Goals (11) and Assists (7) - TOTAL 18

Season 2 - Goals (17) and Assists (7) - TOTAL 24

Season 3 - Goals (19) and Assits (15) - TOTAL 34

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I think his PA is not really high at all, his stats are all going down when he just 30 yrs old. :DDespite of that, nice season for him again.

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Season 4

With no decent jobs up fro grabs in the Summer I decided to stay with Benfica and maybe hope for a move around January time.

Another single goal decides the season opener in our favour.

So my main rivals fancy me moving over to take the Dragons over but I have to refuse.

So, we get an interesting offer from Lyon and I'm sure that Freddy fancies a bit of french action so we packs our bags and head for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes!

The club is languishing down in 10th place, its gonna be hard to battle for a top 4 place.

Adu costs me £5m! For a 32 year old....:O

Adu retains his USA Player of the Year Award.

Transfers In
Lots of new players in everywhere. Lamela was a bargain and Jorge too was a steal from my rivals.

Transfers Out
Most of these deals were done before I arrived so it did give us some cash to play around with.

French Cup
Poor finishing costs us again a lowly Red Star FC side.

Ligue 1
A good late run helps us push up the table to take the forth position, not bad from where we started from.

Ligue 1 XI of the Season
After a decent last half the season Tete gets into the best XI, I had to knock back several bids for him but at moment he is happy.

Team Stats
It was a case of getting some bodies in and trying to apadt to my tactcis. Ramos was a good signing in CM and Kalulu really exciled up front.

Star of Competition
Traore grabs this award, no idea what for as he hardly played for me? 

Stars Team of the Competition
So Ramos' late season form earns a place in the side.

Freddy Adu

So Freddy took a bit of time to adapt to french football and didn't really produce his best. He scored just 4 goals and assisted twice in an injury hit first few months. Added to his 10 goals and 7 assists from Portugal giving him 14 goals and 9 assists for the season. Could have been better.



Season 1 - Goals (11) and Assists (7) - TOTAL - 18

Season 2 - Goals (17) and Assists (7) - TOTAL - 24

Season 3 - Goals (19) and Assists (15) - TOTAL - 34

Season 4 - Goals (14) and Assists (9) - TOTAL - 23

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23 minutes ago, kts365 said:

Keep the faith mate. Freddy will come good....... he has potential.......

Also. Funny how we both signed Schick. Hell of a player.

Not sure how much potential is left in him now!! ;)

I know, he becomes a beast of a player. Great striker.

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54 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

You're giving him a great footballing career to look back to. Keep squeezing ;)

Yeah, thought he might like a short European tour before he heads back to the ranch.

You never know, he might be heading to your homeland...;)

13 minutes ago, Kingsolop said:

Nice how you've managed to squeeze  out goals and assists from him. Not sure there's alot more to squeeze though. Top notch stuff though.

I know, I am doing my best to run him into the ground! Bless him.

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