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Career My Club - Bottom to the Top


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I'm going to guess that everyone at some point has at least thought about starting the My Club team in the lower echelons of a football pyramid and seeing how far you can take them. I've got two modes running at the moment, one started after the other so I'm playing catch up. 

The first one I did a team full of San Marinese players thinking I would become San Marino manager but after learning that its not possible, I then created another one, this time, full of Albanians. The two I've got have some differences. 

The first one I did all players five stars current, regret doing it, waste of time, win everything at ease. However, what makes it more interesting is that its an absolute ballache getting anyone to sign a contract without inserting a big club release clause. In that one the side, SG Wolvo (Wolves fan, couldn't have SG Wolves for some reason), has got up to League 2 and on course to win that by a mile, as well. League 1 will become a lot more interesting because out of the 25/26 wonderkids I started with, I think I've only got 6/7 left and that is rapidly decreasing, as well. 

Second one is AFC Dynamo and I'm bring them up through the National League South as opposed to the North I done with SG Wolvo, I done all of these as 1 star current ability and 5 potential as my dream is not to have to buy any players at any point. Bizarrely, this team, AFC Dynamo is head and shoulders above SG Wolvo, can anyone think why? Not finished season 1 yet, but in my last game, beat Arsenal 4-2 in the FA Cup with players that are meant to be one star? 

Has anyone done this and got all the way to the Champions League? I normally get bored at some point but luckily I've got a long flight coming up in a few weeks so I can really get stuck into it a bit more then, as well. 

In case anyone is wondering, I have got a proper save as well. 

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I've messed around with MyClub saves too but as you said it becomes boring fast if you create top players. 

Now mostly use it to explore ideas for community challenges or tactical experiments and such. 

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