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Career Attempting danovic78's Double Trouble Challenge.


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I don't often attempt challenges as I prefer to play the game with no barriers, but this one I like the look of, if you don't know what it is, basically I must use two strikers from the same nation and score a combined 1200 goals, for more detail look up danovic78.

The team I'm using is Everton for no particular reason and the terrific twosome are perhaps not what you'd expect: Screenshot_20171129-192537.thumb.png.13fb47dcaf33bae92fc9f383b70039fa.png AND:

Screenshot_20171129-192637.thumb.png.7b16251fa38e5fd3d2a78cdfdd64882c.png Long road ahead, but I think these two can achieve the goal target, I will post an update at the end of every season.

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Thank you all, quick update, the in-game date is 15th of October 2017. Still trying to find the best 2 striker system, really struggling, currently Isak has just 2 goals and asoro 5. But the first season will mostly be a test if you like, as I'm not familiar with two striker formations. Update probably tomorrow, and again thanks for the love.

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49 minutes ago, danovic78 said:

Good luck with the mighty toffees. Brave to try this in the EPL especially with our awful defence, hope you reinforced that!


Well I signed De Ligt, the wonderkid from ajax, no other signings besides the terrific twosome

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Season 1 update:

Safe to say we had a pretty good start.

League Table:


  Transfers in and out:

Screenshot_20171130-145036.thumb.png.3ee994bf1efa8a325b7016ec432054e7.png Screenshot_20171130-145102.thumb.png.56f4a0cde3fdc09a7cdedb86c7285c7e.png Overall performance stats:

Screenshot_20171130-145028.thumb.png.f264b45c9d1f012481342a2be15cec7a.png Manager Profile:

Screenshot_20171130-145123.thumb.png.3ac95e502dcc189d7fff8abfda5817fc.png Goals and Assists tally:

Goals combined=55

Assists combined=26

Season 1 roundup:

Overall I think the first season was very successful, a 3rd placed finish and a ton of goals, stay tuned for more.



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Season 2 update:

Firstly I have to apologise for this taking so long to come out, the reason is I've had my phone in a tub of rice because I dropped it in the bath while watching Leeds vs Aston Villa last night.  Anyway let's get into it.

Trophies won:

Screenshot_20171202-231634.thumb.png.1179349a3629ac865ff79554c721cf2a.png Screenshot_20171202-231624.thumb.png.a9b7e9a416f3520b7494c86c2b737ac3.png Screenshot_20171202-232618.thumb.png.184638d8e9951a9bf14eb1dc855ab825.png

Well, that's good. A treble in our second season. The 6-3 FA Cup Final was a great game and CL demolition job of Porto.

Transfers in and out:

Screenshot_20171202-232651.thumb.png.15afa0c90026fa8dda4a1967a4961826.png Screenshot_20171202-232656.thumb.png.00015008b4bcda17ee82f695086ca6b5.png A lot of money spent to bolster our depth on the wings. Few outgoings too notably Sandro, he didn't enjoy the thought of being backup and I couldn't turn down 32.5 million.


Screenshot_20171202-232638.thumb.png.29619b5feccdd82ac370cf596436ea8d.png Another year another good season, Isak especially is just tearing teams apart.

Goals and Assists tally:

Goals combined(This season):113(58)

Assists combined(This season):64(38)

Thanks all for the support and again I apologize for the delay on this update.


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