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iScout Luan


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After IT Stats


Luan is an attacking midfielder who is currently storming his home land of Brazil and reports suggest he may be heading to Europe in the near future. Stat wise his potential is clear to see as he has greens in all the right areas to do real damage as I'll show below and he's very reasonably priced. 



These results are with him playing as a Treq in the AMC position while being on no set pieces! His performances have blown me away and he's been a joy to use, I'm sharing now due to a three month injury (stats screenshot is from the previous season). I was so disappointed that he wasn't on the game last year but he was worth the wait! 


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Wicked post mate I tried to sign him for Napoli save and he went to Arsenal for 12m I ended the bidding as he was only under 4m at the start of the bidding...thinking I should of taken the risk now though lol.

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23 minutes ago, Ashez said:

I don't think I did but I could be mistaken. 

Quite rare to see natural in all forward positions. Great for on the bench. 

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