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iScout Chris Willock


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Chris Willock released by Arsenal when his contract expired in real life. Took a chance and joined Benfica. Currently plying his trade in the SLB B team. Young english and has potential in my eyes. Keeping Horta out of my Benfica save currently. 


Above is Chris at the start of the save. Below is Chris after IT. 




Used little and often last season but in the middle of season 2 hes played alot more games already.

I have also retrained him to be a AMR for this season even though he is played as a AML. I will continue to retrain him in different areas (him permitting) throughout the save.

Many thanks 


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11 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Looks pretty decent. Sub at best for a side like Benfica but definitely a good addition for ambitious mid-table teams. 

Hes a quality squad player. I use him for cups and some league games. Hard to get a look in with Horta, Talica and co infront of you.

Changed tactics for season 3 so may even sell him.

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