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Chat Welsh League


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Has anyone managed in the Welsh league so far in FMM18? Or in any version of FMM? 

I’ve struggled to get into a save lately I’ve managed in Australia won the league by 20 points and won the AFC Champions League first season so that was too easy and I can never get into a save in England.

so, I’m currently looking at managing in Wales there are a few familiar players in this league such as Gary Taylor-Fletcher.

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Sorry I'm super behind on Vibe ATM as I'm simply swamped! 

I played in Wales as TNS last year and the league was a joke, however Europe was a very entertaining challenge. Brexit makes bringing in new players to improve the club really difficult as not many good British players will go to Wales (I made the mistake of not thinking about Brexit as I loaded no other British leagues). Trying to do well in Europe was the hook for me but the progress is that slow and frustrating I ended up abandoning the save, it didn't help I was doing a grind of a 1kc too mind. 

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Managed Cardiff Met on fmm17. Won the league in the 2nd year after I was able to clear the dross in the team at end of season 1. I then managed to get into the champions league group stage in the next season and started being able to sign some decent regens and dominated the leagues. Eventually got bored and was offered job at Middlesbrough which i jumped at - brought the regens along with me!


Its fun for a while but only so far you can take it. One thing I found is that I signed exactly 0 welsh players the entire time and most of my team was English. Not sure if this has improved in fmm18 but it seemed rather unrealistic to me. Think it was the lack of players in divisions below LoW.

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