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Career Jwill11 Attempts the College Dream Challenge


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Here it is! After a failed attempt at the Le Tour de France challenge on the last version, I am now attempting the College Dream Challenge! 

For those who don't know what the College Dream Challenge is.... Here it is!

So which team is the lucky one to be ran as a college team? None other than the....


Los Angeles Galaxy!

added 0 minutes later

So.... I'm going to be honest here. I am not too sure on what the rules are exactly so I am going to ask you all what I should do...

  1. When a player turns 23, should I release or demote him right away or wait until next season to do so
  2. Should I be able to buy players from other teams or rely on getting players from the youth facilities and free agents
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Never mind.... I am just going to do it like this:

  1. I will keep the player that is 23, but I will release, demote or free transfer him at the beginning of the new season
  2. I will only rely on free agents and youth facilities for players
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So.... let’s just say I had a rough time...



After being in 5th place 6 games in... I am sacked after the 13th game. Did not help that I was down to only 17 players thanks to month long injuries to some of my players. Also did not help that the board expected us to win the title that season.

I was very frustrated every game because we would go up right away and then literally give up goal after goal from 30 yards away or farther. The attacking part of the team was fun, but having players on defense and goalkeeper with no experience hurt us.

I am still looking to do this challenge so I will be starting a new save and new team.

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9 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Interesting to see Kansas 8 spots above you with nearly twice as many pts but 2 more losses too. Those draws really cost you.

Yeah I lost the first game of the season then I had 8 games of no losses then lost 4 in a row (which led to the sacking) where we were up right away then we threw it away when the other team started launching missiles from 30 yards away.

Edited by Jwill11
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My college semester is over in a few days so that’s when I’ll most likely start the new save. Can’t be thinking about logarithms and how to graph them when managing a team.

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