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Career Going for, going for gold! 2.5kc


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2500 Goals!

So, having a certain pedigree in goalscoring challenges, I have decided to just go all out and attempt 2500 goals this year. Audacious? Yes. Doable? Who knows.

Here is a breakdown of the required goals.

15 years - 167 goals per year

16 years - 156 goals per year

17 years - 147 goals per year

18 years - 139 goals per year

19 years - 132 goals per year

20 years - 125 goals per year

You can see this is a massive undertaking. I have already played the first 2 seasons but I will keep it to myself for now. 

So the question is, who could be the man for such a mammoth task? Well, after last year there was only one choice for me, and only one team too.



He is young enough, talented enough, and fits my favourite tactic.

Lets get this show on the road!

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:O you Sir have lost it :laugh:

Suffering from FMMitis perhaps? due to excessive play lol whatever it is best of luck to you and can't wait to see how you get on. 

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9 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

:O you Sir have lost it :laugh:

Suffering from FMMitis perhaps? due to excessive play lol whatever it is best of luck to you and can't wait to see how you get on. 

Got to challenge yourself havent you haha.

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4 hours ago, Taff said:

I'd expect nothing less from the master of the 1K

Good luck dude, not that you'll need it

Oh i will need it. Realistically my man needs to be hitting higher numbers than my grey player on fmm2015. And he maxed out at 162 in his best season.

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27 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

Do I detect an early 90s game show reference in the title? I hope so.

Good luck with this?

You certainly do haha thanks

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Season 1

Every great story has a beginning, this one starts here, in season 1. I take the reins at Madrid and immediately start to form the team as I want.


Lets see who I brought in this year.



Some big signings, Veratti and Jorginho because I like a creative but defensive midfield, Florenzi because he is a good wing back/winger and can cover in midfield too. Isak because duh. Finally I brought Rulli in as I think Madrids keepers need improvement.

Team Performance

I forgot to screenshot most of this but luckily there is the manager performance page.




Had a nightmare in that cup semi. Won the 1st leg 4-1 only to lose the second 5-1! Wtf. Still won everything else and had an invincible domestic season.

So, a successful season all around there.

The Player

Here we go, onto the main event. Lets take a look at Isak.


He is looking good at 18, a very physical player. Still want that shooting in the green though.

Here are his accomplishments this year







Right wing? Eh?

A pretty good haul there, but what about his goals? How many did he score?


81 goals at 18. Wow. More than a goal a game.

Such a great start for the young lad.

Played - 62

Goals - 81

International - N/A

Total - 81

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5 hours ago, veerus said:

You didn't even break 100?? What a bust. Just give up now! :unamused:


kidding ofc (y)

I know. I feel like such a failure ????


On 09/12/2017 at 18:21, FuddledFox said:

Great start mate. Isak is such a beast I'm sure you will successful.

1 hour ago, Chris Woodward said:

@kts365 lol this is nuts dude...great start too!

Defo gonna keep tabs on this one (y)

Thanks guys

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Season 2

Season 1 was fantastic with 81 goals under Isaks belt already. This year I hoped to be pushing 100.


Lets see who I brought in this year.



Laporte was brought in because Ramos is not getting any younger.

Murgia is a great little DLP

Alexander-Arnold is a good player already and should become world class. Same with kluivert.

The others are for backup and possible future use.

Team Performance

Lets get to how this team performed.


Spanish cup


champions league


Spanish league


We also picked up the spanish super cup, euro super cup and club world cup.

An even better season than the last. Winning it all.

The Player

Here we go, onto the main event. Lets take a look at Isak.


Greens building up as Isak becomes quite the young superstar.

And now for his achievements.







Apparently theres no room up front for him....

Now finally we get to the boys goals.


105 guys!

Way to break the century early Master Isak. The game is well and truly on.

Played - 126

Goals - 186

International - N/A

Total - 186

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14 hours ago, veerus said:

Schneiderlin in the world 11? That's some shit right there. 

I know. Quite ridiculous.

7 hours ago, Aaron55 said:

Brilliant year for him! 

It really was.

7 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

-knock knock- keep him fit. Doing superb! 

He does have "rarely injured" in his coach report

6 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

Wow smashing it so far.

Thanks. He is a beast.

4 hours ago, PriZe said:

Legend in the making(y)

Thanks man.

3 hours ago, Chris Woodward said:

DUUUUUDE!!! smashin it already....stop it now your just putting us all to shame!


Its not over, not over, not over, not over yeeet.

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Season 3

Season 2 was simply stunning with over 100 goals. This year I hoped for another good increase to push Isak on.


Lets see who I brought in this year.



Sandro was brought in as an upgrade for the ageing Marcelo and is a top notch wing back. Lukaku is his backup. 

The others are for the future and Pogba was signed after the season was over. I signed him because..... well, he is Pogba.

Team Performance

Lets get to how this team performed.


Spanish super cup


8-5 aggregate win.

Euro super cup


Another easy win and Isak killing it.

Spanish cup


Spanish league


Less than 100 points? Pfft.

Champions league


A nice win over Roma.

Winning it all again.

The Player

Here we go, onto the main event. For some reason I forgot to screenshot his stats, trust me though, they were better.

And now for his achievements







Now finally we get to the boys goals.


Boom! 121 goals.

Isak just gets better and better. Lets get that 130+ next year!

Played - 190

Goals - 307

International - N/A

Total - 307

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