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Career Going for, going for gold! 2.5kc

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21 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

He could become the youngest ever player to reach 1000 (y)


Last year i got him there in 2025

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Seriously! Behave now the rest of us have no chance 😂

Bloody well done dude...superb!

                      !!ISAK IS KING!!

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31 minutes ago, Rjgreeno said:

How do you even do that great going and good luck for the rest of the challenge

Proven methods from the last 2 games and some mental attacking tactics vs the worst teams.

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Season 4

Season 3 was an absolute barn burner. Could season 4 be better? The aim is 130 goals.


Lets see who I brought in this year.



Pogba is still there.

De Ligt is there too still

Klostermann was brought in because Florentzi had a 7 month lay off

Hagi, Lo Faso and Oyeda are both backup and for future.

Team Performance

Lets get to how this team got on


Spanish super cup



Euro super cup


Spanish cup


Club world cup




Champions league


Winning it all except the spanish cup but losing to Barca is no bad thing.

The Player

Here we go, onto the main event. First up, his attributes.


Lots of greens. He is looking very good now at 21.

And now for his achievements







Now finally we get to the boys goals.


Isak smash! 130. He hits my target  and gets over 2 goals per game. 

Isak is insane 140 next year please.!

Played - 253

Goals - 437

International - N/A

Total - 437

Edited by kts365

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The secret? Virtually the same tactic since FMM15, a training regime, two other tactics for varying situations, stat analysis and a large dose of....ahem..... Russian vitamin supplements.

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2 hours ago, Chris Woodward said:

Shall we just say congratulations now....this will be done by 2030!!

Just too damn good! 

DAMN U @kts365

Fingers crossed there are no big injuries


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