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Tactics Aangca's 4-3-1-2 EME 2018 revamp


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New version of my FMM 2017 tactic. Seems to work pretty well this year as well, atleast for this first half of the season.

Switching from left to right setup when using 2nd team or when left INF is to tired. Only lost one game and 2 draws in the league so far.

Using the defensive setup when playing against bigger/better teams. So far Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Wolves and Arsenal with only Arsenal beating me in extra time. Nothing more changed besides moving the BWM down a step and switching WB to FB.

Usually concede goals near the end when ive made my subs to save keyplayers.









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A marvel of tactical engineering. Tried it With the Throstles in the Prem for an extraordinary string of results.


Gives our DM less hard time too.


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Unfortunately i forgot to take screenshots from my first season in PL but atleast the league history page shows that I ended up in 2nd place.

I only made the changes to switch WB into FB which made me concede less goals. 

When getting better WBs and a better team all in all i will probably start using WBs again.



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Second season in PL and clear winner. Won Carabo cup and Champions Cup (with some luck). Lost FA cup final to Arsenal 1-2.

Used Wing backs again now that Sessegnon had improved and Unterseer brought in. Used defensive tactic when playing the big games just to secure the defence abit. Only other big signing was Ward-Prowse.



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