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Chat Club Finances, Player Wages, Club Status


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Not sure if it is a daft thought or what...

I have often wondered how the finances are sorted, how do SI know what money a club has, what financial state they are in and what the clubs are paying players

Take Spennymoor for example


Do clubs tell SI what they pay players, is it just a guess or is there some kind of formula that SI apply for what a player should be paid, because looking at Spennymoor, Bradley Fewster is on 300 quid a week, but most fans round here know Spennymoor are being bankrolled and are most likely paying a lot more than that and have been for years now.

When it comes to club finances, we all know they are minted and also being bankrolled by The Nevilles, Giggs, Scholes and Peter Lim, yet SI have there finances as Okay


Now onto Queens Park in Scotland


They are one of the most famous amateur clubs in the world and always stuck to the Amateur ethos, they have a good transfer budget and also have quite a wage budget 100k and 4k respectively.

Also, Club Status, why is it that when you start with a lower league team, that team suddenly turns professional, I am currently running a save as Spennymoor Town and they turned Pro as soon as the Game loaded.

I reckon there is some good challenges to be thought up, starting as Semi-Pro with aspirations of turning your Lower League Professional

Over to you guys, penny for your thoughts ?

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