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Challenges The Abdelhak ″Appie″ Nouri Challenge


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The Abdelhak ″Appie″ Nouri Challenge


Abdelhak ″Appie″ Nouri, who is a member of the AFC Ajax. Unfortunately, he had suffered permanent brain damage due to his horrible cardiac arrhythmia attack on July 2017. 

In FMM18, he is set to retire in 06/2020 with PA -85, no matter Barcelona or PSG, Nouri would not leave Ajax with any transfer bids.

Within the 3 years, Would you like to SUPPORT Nouri with GOALs as much as possible to let him WINs further champions and awards, such as European Champions Cup, Eredivisie Champion and Golden Boot.






p.s. Nouri left intensive care and is in stable condition now, but has severe and lasting brain damage, obviously he will never touch football pitch again in his life. You may get editor to help him changed for his life. "Nouri, I Hope You Have A Good Life."




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A wonderful journey. I wouldn't even call it a challenge, probably because I feel incredibly honored to bring virtual Appie to all the successes he deserves. 

Had something like this in mind already for this year. Thanks for posting, it's beautiful. 

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