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Tactics [No defeat/God tactics] The Southampton jesus mission

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1 hour ago, GhostOrigins said:

This says unbeaten god tactic....?you are 12th in the league and lost  12 games? ?

From the screenshots I'd guess he's done the relegation challenge and then flown up to 12th using the tactic.


Not 100% sure though.

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I don't get the Red Card bit, I think he means take out a BPD but what if you don't have a sub to replace the sent of player, plus it would get very leaky without that third defender, wouldn't it?

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Decided to give this a go and it's working well so far.

That red card setup also works really well when you have a man sent off.

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I blasted a season out as Celtic today with this and it’s an incredibly effective set up! What amazed me most about it was how well the players stamina managed with it. Usually I need 2 different teams if I use the always close down option but no so much with this tactic 👍

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Won the Premiership with West Brom using this in the first season I tried it with them, having kept them up the season before with a different system after leaving Rangers for them.







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As we near the release of the new FMM19, I am happy I found this tactic. It definitely wins the 'most consistent and balanced tactic' award for me. There have been other good tactics, but none that have really lasted the distance and are either too attacking or leaky at the back. With this one, you won't be scoring 5 or 6 every match, but you will have a healthy dose of chances and will seldom give the opposition many real goalscoring opportunities. Needs an unselfish striker who lays on goals for the wingers. The midfield duo really thrive with this tactic, whereas with others they always get low ratings. 

Mirrors why many teams irl are now reverting to 3 at the back. 

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