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Career Rocket Attempts the Der Bomber: The Gerd Müller Challenge


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So after about a week playtime in game I finally have enough confidence in my little ability set to take on one of the many great challenges that are on Vibe. I chose this challenge as I thought that it didn't look to hard, but then after 5 games I knew I was in for a rough time. More info about the challenge can be found here:

Der Bomber: The Gerd Müller Challenge

So after a tough decision what literally took me about 5 minutes to make I decided to purchase a young German striker who in my opinion is probably the best player I could of actually got for this challenge.


The Team



An Obvious choice in my opinion + it also adds to the realism since Bayern is where Muller played!


The player you ask? Here he is!





Emmanuel Iyoha!

This young German beast honestly looks like a decent player for a mid table Prem team, what is great giving the fact he is 19 and will more than likely have decent potential.


Season 1 will be updated ASAP! Hope you enjoy!



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Season 1







Won absolutely every competition possible for the first season and also we were one game away from doing the invincible's but unfortunately we lost to Dortmund on the last day 




A massive increase in stats since the opening day of the season and should hopefully still improve since he is only 20.


34 goals in 36 games and also 30 in the league is quality for his first season! Giving the fact the Lewandowski who I still used in league games also scored 8 goals this shows us that our combined strike force were only 2 goals away from actually completing the 40 league goal mark. This gives me a lot of confidence for the future and hopefully we will destroy the 40 goals in the next few seasons.


Thankfully the 30 goals were enough for us to claim the top goalscorer spot and hopefully this will be a usual thing for Iyoha.





A poor run of form at the end of the season means that we don't go invincible but thankfully we still won both cup competitions.

Challenge Stats

  Have Needed
Seasons Completed 1 14
League Titles 1 4
German Cups 1 4
Champions Leagues 1 3
Club World Cup 0 1
Top Scorer (Bundesliga)


Club Goals 34 398
40+ goals in league season 0 1


I don't plan to make the updates much more interesting as I am extremely busy and also as I am quite short for time the next update will not be out for a few days. Hope you all enjoyed!

Edited by Rocket
Forgot the challenge stats.
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52 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Great first season ;) Good luck, but I'm sure you will smash this challenge :) 

Thanks mate, and I sure hope that I do. (y)

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7 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Solid start! A player I've had my eyes on. Goodluck! 

If you've got your eyes on him then it must be a good decision. Thanks ;)

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Injury Update



Sadly Iyoha has picked up a 1 month injury, but hopefully this won’t effect how he plays the rest of the season. 

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