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Help Selecting countries and database size

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Hi everyone.

With the bigger database size in FMM18 what can influence its size when selecting several countries/tiers?

The question came to mind because I'm about to start a one club career starting in VNN like I do every single year but usually I only loaded ENG. But now, with the added incentive of a bigger database I thought about adding Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (all tiers available in each of them) so that would boost the database size (and more players available to me, specially for lower tiers and after Brexit kicks in).

But the numbers don't add up. Don't remember the exact numbers so this is just an example for easy math:

  • England - 6000 players
  • England, Scotland - 8000 players
  • Scotland - 5000 players

So loading both leagues doesn't give you 11000 players and that makes sense. But I'm wondering if, no matter how many leagues I load, the first country I pick gets the same number of players, no matter what I choose, which means I will always get those 6000 players I get with england only loaded.

Any SI guys can clear this up? @Alari, @Marc Vaughan?


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It includes some players from neighbouring countries, so the England/Scotland example you give, there will be significant overlap between the players. The order selected makes no difference.

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