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Challenges World Cup 2018 challenge


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The challenge that was attempted by @BatiGoal, @FuddledFox, @Taff and myself in our H2H tournament semi finals.

  1. Take over any club of your choice, preferably one with a lot of money and good sellable assets. Juventus are a good example
  2. Demote/sell every member of your squad

Then, with the money used from player sales and what you were originally given, rebuild the squad. However the squad must be filled with players with a unique nationality from a country competing at the World Cup.

Only one player from each WC nation can be in the squad and players from countries not at the WC are not allowed.


Points criteria is simple, you will receive one point for every win in all competitions (stat on manager profile)


  • Own tactics only
  • No use of the editors, myclub or anything of the sort
  • SI approved databases only
  • No cheating or reloading.
  • Photo evidence will be required, a career thread is recommended
  • No unlockables unless earned on this save.


  1. BatiGoal - 54
  2. samhardy - 52
  3. FuddledFox - 51
  4. Taff - 48
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Spoiler alert :(. Haven't had time to catch up on your thread yet and now I know the results :/. 

Like I said in that thread though excellent challenge idea and I'm glad you posted it as it's own challenge. 

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16 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Yeah the points are for one season only, the challenge itself could be continued though!

I like the one season challenge, quick and easy!

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