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PriZe presents: Beating the Double trouble challenge guide

PriZe presents: Beating the Doublel trouble challenge guide


Hi all and welcome to this guide which hopefully will help you beat the Double Trouble Challenge! Don’t know what it is? Well take a look at The Double Trouble Challenge FMM18 and read the explanation by @danovic78

Now over the last year the Double trouble challenge may have lost some attention to all the great 1KC attempts, but Vibe has been graced with some excellent careers in the making like  FF Presents: Double Trouble in Barcelona by @FuddledFox and in the past one of the most famous @Ashez CR7+LM10 attempt. Too inspire you guys to start a Double Trouble challenge and help you beat the double trouble challenge i’ve created this guide.

Personal note

I personally like to plan so that I have the maximum influence on the outcome. Now off course planning doesn’t assure you a win, but it will help you too go a long way. In the following paragraphs I will give you a glimpse in my own mind and how to attempt to become successful in your Double Trouble challenges. Please keep in mind this is not all my own work, it is a combination of excellent guide’s already on Vibe and my own interpretation combined together too make your life easy.

Picking your Dynamic duo:


Starting a career and succeeding isn’t the most obvious outcome. The decisions you make at the start of your career will have an influence for the rest of your career.I think all of us remember some magnificent striker duo’s like Henry- Bergkamp, Rooney – Van Persie, Van Basten – Gullit. And if you look closely, there is one thing those duo’s had in common, their individual abilities strengthened each other to get the best out of them. Don’t know what i am talking about, or too young to remember the above? Think about how BBC and MSN click together. So first up is deciding how you want your strikers too partner up.

Creating the right partnership 

Now let’s make one thing clear, the Match Engine is far from logical and not always realistic, so off course you can try and play two poachers or two CF’s upfront. But in general you want some diversity in your team to be unpredictable and don’t have the lads interfere with each other. So what are some of the most successful combinations?

Inside Forwards (Wing) with Advanced Forwards:

As you may have noticed by now the Inside Forwards (IF) are extremely OP as they is drift inside when out on the wing. With this in mind an Advanced Forward (AF) will look to exploit this by getting into the free space around the edge of the boxes and the wings. This will end up pulling players out of their comfort zones and will confuse the opposition's defence. And similar for the IF’s that will cut in, this will create space on the wing for the AF, so maintaining width in your team. The combination is great for setting up play through one twos between your strikers and to create unpredictable runs. 

Advanced Forwards with Deep Lying Forwards:

As previously explained AF’s like to use their movement and pace to create chances. When you put an Advanced Forward with a Deep Lying Forward (DLF’s) then they act as a pivot with the Advanced Forwards playing off of the defenders looking to beat the offside trap and the DFS’s coming closer to bridge the gap between attack and midfield and take men away to feed the AF’s. If your AF’s  has good pace, movement and decisions then he can be very hard to catch when he breaks free of the defence resulting in those 1 vs 1 you want with the Goalkeeper.

Advanced Forwards with Poachers:

Play an AF beside a Poacher (P) and you don't get a player who wants to just break past the defence but you'll get a player who will drift outside looking to chip the ball into the P. As well as trying to feed off of his knock downs stretching the play and providing a variety in pressure for the opposition due to the opposite nature of the AF and P roles. In the meantime the P will also act as a pivot for the AF to give him knock on's for one two's or will launch himself on through balls from the AF. 

Personally this is my favourite combination as it gives you best of both worlds, a "playmaker" in the AF that leads the attacks to either create or finish chances and a "Target men" in the form of the Poacher who lingers around to box.

By now you understand that a good striker combo feeds of each other, so when choosing your players keep in mind how you want them to work together. Next up, choosing the player that fits the role you have in mind.

Player attributes 

So Pep and José, you have the right striker combination in mind to create legends out of nobody’s and to end up a very successful manager. But now you need to find the right players to fit in your vision. When looking for the right player try and use the following pre-set of attributes, this will save you a lot of time looking for the right players. But bear in mind, too find that unique player, I strongly suggest you play around with the attributes.



Depending on age, I suggest a filter for the primary with +12, and secondary no lower then 9. The older you want your players to be, the higher the pre-set should be.

Want to know more about attributes? Then have a look at: FMM18: from A to Z beginner's guide



I personally feel this up too your own preference. Young players will take time to grow, this will make the start of your challenge more difficult, then again young of age does work for them because you can use them 10 years plus and they are more likely to stay at a smaller club in an easier goal scoring league. Being a bit older has it perks and brings more experience on to the table, and that experience can be seen on the pitch. It’s a trade-off you need to decide you find it’s worthy.

So decide for yourself, do you want to commit to a long career, or do you want to try it to do it in a short stint? I always count from 35. A player should have at least 10 years play in him. This will give you some slack in case of an injury, bans or fatigue.

The League


Ok, so now you’re ready. You’ve picked your players, now you need a club and a league to play.

It is well known that goals in Portugal, The Netherlands and even Spain come easy. Just remember goals aren’t everything in this challenge. You need to keep your players happy, or you might just see one off them leaving for the lure of big money. If you tend to go for younger players, I would suggest you load up the leagues you like, and start at a smaller club in an easier league. For instance you load: Portugal, Spain and England. With time you and the lads will be rocking Europe and you will most likely get the opportunity to move to a bigger club with a big budget.

Do keep in mind moving can be risky as you might lose some time if can't get you strikers right away in the next transfer window. @BatiGoal his amazing Around the World in 800 BatiGoals career will give you some enjoyable insights in moving and buying your player.

For older players or more known players, transfer budgets will probably become a thing. So pick a club that can afford to get your players, can keep them happy, and in a league that can give you goals. Off course you can mix it up too your own liking.

The Tactic


The right tactic is half the win! A solid formation will give you good results and goals you want. Then it's all about making the right decisions and a bit of luck.


Picking the right tactic can be hard, and creating your own tactic can take a Iot of time, but hey there is a whole list of basic formations you can choose from!:

  • 442 (standard, Defensive, Attacking, Diamond)
  •  352(standard, defensive, Attacking)
  • 532(standard, defensive, attacking)
  • 12232 (sweeper)
  • 4132

All of the tactics have their pro’s and con’s. But now I will say something absolutely revolutionary. When setting up your tactic, keep in mind that winning is everything! Wait what? Yes winning is everything! Since your main goal is scoring at least 1200 goals with your strikers, too give yourself the best chance, you want to play as much games as possible. Too do that you need to stay as long as possible in the several Cups. Luckily the basic ingredients for that are easy:

  • a good defence, which can withstand a counter attack
  • a sturdy midfield which can help defensively and provide the necessary assist for your magnificent duo
  • And last but not least your personally selected killer duo to become every goalkeepers nightmare

Defence wise, I would stay away from 3 or 5 in the back tactics.  As said I believe that a strong defence helps stay away from loses, so you can concentrate on goal scoring with your strikers

Now if you have a really solid team you could rock two wing backs high up the pitch, but this can leave your defence vulnerable. It's a risk reward thing here. I would advise you to use the full back role, basically the are wing backs but with out the stereroids but still the assists. They will help you better to not get caught with your pants down and try and get back from a few goals behind. 

If you have been following football experts and have been reading the forum, you will know that most battles are fought on the midfield.  You have quite some options on the midfield.  The shape of your midfield is up too you, you can go for two midfielders, a diamond etc etc.

If you choose for a narrow midfield think about your roles. Typically a narrow midfield would see a AMC just behind the strikers. But be sure to create a tactic which doesn’t only rely on the AMC and Wing backs for supplying the assists.

Personally I am fond of a tactic that uses the whole pitch. The addition of wingers in a winger or APM role give your squad loads of creativity, and this will result in the needed assist.  If you choose too go for the wingers, balance the attacking formation with controlling and supporting roles in the midfield. They help with the defence and will off load the ball to your wingers.

Last but not least always try too tweak your tactic. You might find out a certain role isn’t working out for you, your AMC tends to score too much. Adjust the tactic to the quality of your players and how they perform on the pitch. Be carefull though, too much tweaking can destroy the performance of your strikers and have a devastating effect on your challenge. So keep in mind, good can be good enough.

International management


International management is a great way too increase the goals you rack up on the way too the 1200 goals mark. For the goals too count you need to pick a striker duo which have the same nationality. This does restrict you a bit in the strikers you can use.


Last but not least

A challenge and career might seem fun, but during your career you might get bored, struggle getting the results you want too achieve. And when the fun dies, so does your motivation too finish. A great way too keep yourself motivated is to add some creativity too the career.

On Vibe you will find many examples of careers where members of Vibe have added a twist too their challenge. So have a think about it! Some examples are:

  • Achieving the challenge with an odd tactic nobody would think off succeeding (1200 goals from purely the wings anyone?)
  • Try and overachieve results of well known striker duo’s
  •  Use players as a strikers who are not your everyday striker (Think off @BatiGoal his defender career)


Well that should be it. You guys should now all be ready to go and stun Vibe with your Epic career. You now know the basics so get cracking at it! I hope this guide has been usefull and will help you during your endeavours.  Got some tips of your own? Please share them with the rest of Vibe in this thread.

Cheers PriZe

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1 hour ago, FuddledFox said:

Great work as usual mate.

Theres a few things I have already done for my DT but I definitely picked up some tips 

Thanks mate! Would be surprised if everything would be new for you :D

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Excellent and detailed guide Prize! I have a soft spot for the DT but I'm not keen on two up top formations due to balancing. That's one reason why the TT has become my challenge of choice in recent years. 

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1 hour ago, Ashez said:

Excellent and detailed guide Prize! I have a soft spot for the DT but I'm not keen on two up top formations due to balancing. That's one reason why the TT has become my challenge of choice in recent years. 

walking away from a challenge Mr. Ashez? :P 

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Great write up Prize, another addition to keeping the career fresh could be the Goal a Minute challenge along with it, I completed a DT/GaM last year with Martial and Niang and it helped keep me interested 

Keep up the amazing work Panda Man

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On 22-12-2017 at 09:19, Santa Taff said:

Great write up Prize, another addition to keeping the career fresh could be the Goal a Minute challenge along with it, I completed a DT/GaM last year with Martial and Niang and it helped keep me interested 

Keep up the amazing work Panda Man

Thanks mate!  Adding a challenge is indeed a very good idea to keep things fresh! 

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