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Career MRI - Taff needs his head examined A 3K Journey COMPLETE

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23 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

Doing really well mate, I think you can reach your target with those numbers so far, good luck mate

Cheers Cockers, just got to keep it up

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This is really starting to ramp up now...

I honestly don't know how you guys do it. i'm impressed.

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18 hours ago, Acidsparxx said:

This is really starting to ramp up now...

I honestly don't know how you guys do it. i'm impressed.

Season 5 is all done and will be posted at some point today, and I'm very happy with the results

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Season 5

So I'm back with another update for you guys.  This year I changed up the tactic to try and utalise the whole pitch and give my guys extra scoring opeertunities


Now this came about during last season where one of the MRI team was out I tried to come up with a two striker formation, so I used Neymar as a LIF, and pushed Bellerin up to a RW, and it worked well enough, so I looked at what I had and came up with this little odd ball formation


So pushed the LIF up to the front line and swapped Mbappe and Rashford around in this role, then brought in a few actual RW options to play high, then pushed the LWB up a touch to support the front but not too high as to leave a gap at the back.  Kept the RB as a FB to keep a defensive line, and played one BPD behind the DLP to help move the ball from the back.  Now with the exceptional players I have I felt comfortable playing an attacking and fast paced game


We played a high defensive line, but didn't try closing down too high up incase we got caught with our pants down


I wanted my strikers to have the most opportunities, so I played mixed all over to allow the team to change things up when needed, also running at the defense and working into the box meant more changes created.

Lets see how this new changed worked for the team and MRI

So with a new tactic in place I needed some fresh meat to fill in some spots (mostly RW)




Coming in this season we had Pavon (20 in both crossing and dribbling and he was a must buy), Sterling and Zaha (as a cheep backup), then Upamecano as a great CD option, then Onana, Maxso and the mighty Lewandowski all on free to bolster the ranks


Both Toljan and Diallo were always backup players, so had no real issue selling them on, the rest were graduate players and out of contract ones like Hart

So with the new tactic and new players, we set off to see if this big change would actually work.




We began our season in the Trophee des Champions and for the first time we played someone other than Monaco


A brace from Rashford and a late strike from Isak grant us yet another Trophee for the cabinet


We destroyed the league, drawing the first game of the season and then winning the other 37 and smashing over 130 goals and having a huge 41 point advantage over Monaco and Saint-Etienne.  But my biggest surprise with this very attacking formation was only conceding 9 league goals all season


Mbappe, Pogba and Rashford all combine to grant us a great win over FCSM in the Coupe de la Ligue final


And we wrap up the domestic campaign with a 4-2 win over OGCN in the French Cup Final thanks to braces from Isak and Mbappe, which completes a great domestic quadruple 


We begin with the defence of our Euro Supercup title, this time we face Euro Cup regulars Roma


And a 6-3 win is a huge result as Mbappe and Rashford combine for 5 of the six goals and the Euopean leg of the season is off to a flyer

Our UCL group this year consisted of SLB, A. Madrid and Dynamo Kiev


And no one gives us any real issues as we clean sweep the table to move on once again through the knockout stages


There is a very strong Italian theme to this years competition 


Up first were Inter Milan who got on our bad side and got routed 8-0 over two games to be sent home crying


Next up the "Other" Milan, who must have said something awful as we come out and trounce them as well (not a good season to support the Milan teams) and we progress to the UCL semi finals after a 9-2 agg score


Next up we head to Spain to face Barcelona, but again these guys are no match for the mighty PSG machine as we come away with a 6-3 score over two games and we make it to our 5th consecutive UCL Final

And the Italian theme continues in the final as we come face to face with Juventus


But Neymar (who has been out for 4 months) comes in to replace Rashford (who got injured for a month the day before the final) and he chips in with a Brace, before Isak goes insane and bangs three past Juve and secures another UCL crown for the French Giants at PSG



Two penalties from Mbappe help us to a 4-1 win over Cruz Azul and claim the CWC once again

And there it is a fantastic clean sweep season winning everything put in front of us.  Now the team had a great year but wha about my three main guys


Mbappe has his best season yet, netting 63 goals in 52 games


Rashford also has his best season banging an avg goal a game ending with 59 in 59


And Isak keeps up the trend as he also avg a goal a game with 54 in 54

an amazing 176 combined goals for the season and I couldn't be happier (well I could if they banged 100 a piece but that's not really going to happen)


Amazing season for the boys and none of them have hit 25 y/o yet, so maybe better seasons to come

Here's the rest of the season info for anyone who likes to see it

Season Info


Team Stats


As you'd expect the main boys banging in the goals, but Pogba liked to pop up with the odd 30 yard screamer every once in a while and N'jie and Lewandowski netted as subs, the rest I can live with


This one just showing how solid defensively we were with my GK's conceding only 28 goals all season


The assists getting nicely shared around the whole squad



Season Awards



Mbappe wins a butt load of awards this year including WPOTY, Best player in Europe, and Ligue player of the year, with Isak claiming the best foreign player in the Ligue 


10/11 in the Ligue team of the year


4/11 in the Stars of the Ligue


and 3/11 in the World XI (a nice inclusion for Henrichs, who has been awesome this year)

So there we have it guys, a great season and hopefully a better season ahead

Just a note on the tactic before people start asking, yes it worked very well for me, but then looking at the squad I have, it makes sense, no idea if we could get it working with lower teams, but I will try at some point

Thanks for commenting and following this career and I'll see you all in season 6



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6 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

Mate excellent, the tactic works for you, so keep it up

It did indeed, but I'm using @PriZe's community event to see if it works elsewhere in the world (so far 2 3-3 draws for Perth)

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10 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

Keep getting better every season kiu. Love the tactic as well

Cheers foxy, didn't work too well with Perth, But Sydney had a cracking game in the community Marathon 

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If the pieces fall into place there's simply no stopping in them. A top season, mate, still nowhere near their prime but this will be hard to beat. KIU!!! 

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Wow :O

Not going to lie i'm geeking out just imagining how their peak seasons will go! 

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13 hours ago, PriZe said:

HOLY..... Amazing stuff @Taff :D


1 minute ago, Ashez said:

Wow :O

Not going to lie i'm geeking out just imagining how their peak seasons will go! 

Cheers guys, hope the tactic holds up for another season and they can bang the numbers up

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If they peak in stages you're laughing! If they all peak together I'd worry what's possible in a good and bad sense. If all three peak I can see you missing goals due to the games limits, if they peak separately you might be able to score more. Or that's my thinking lol

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Just now, Ashez said:

If they peak in stages you're laughing! If they all peak together I'd worry what's possible in a good and bad sense. If all three peak I can see you missing goals due to the games limits, if they peak separately you might be able to score more. Or that's my thinking lol

Fingers crossed, I'll just let them lose and see what happens

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1 minute ago, Ashez said:

Either way I can't wait to witness it! 

Cheers Ash, hope I don't dissapoint 

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Just now, Real_Random said:

Just caught up mate and great season. 150+ is a great result. KIU

Cheers RR, hopefully this upward trend continues as the boys hit their peak

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OK guys another short pause, but I'm back with 2 full seasons to catch you up on so let's get too it


Season 6

So after a very successful season last year I'm hoping the tactic I used comes big again and the boys can keep them goals banging in





Made the huge decision to bring in Dembele for the whopping fee of £225M + Sterling (who wasn't performing and was constantly injured.  Bazoer as a backup CM and grabbed Martial to help out up front all for nothing


Sanches wasn't happy with the amount of game time he was getting (baby) so sold him on to Barcelona for £75M, and N'jie went out for a small profit after serving us well as a backup (but with Lewandowski, Neymar and now Martial he didn't stand a chance of playing, so bye bye

So some new blood but the same tactic (with the P and ADF swapped around) we set off to try for another perfect season





A great start to the season beating arch rivals Monaco once again for the Trophee des Champions


Another trophy in the case, this time LOSC stood in our way and paid the price for it


Another cake walk in the league, but that perfect season still escapes us, but we plastered the opposition netting 146 goals and only conceding 16 (look at that GD column, it's so pretty)


We had to take the French Cup all the way to penalties, but the boys held their nerves and secured another domestic quadruple for the season



Not the strongest display, but the Euro Supercup comes back to Paris thanks to Pogba and Rashford


No one could stand against us in the group stages as we clean house once again winning all 6 games



We knocked out SLB in the first round thanks to 2 4-1 wins


Dortmund held us to a tight 0-0 game in the opening leg of the quarter finals, but Mbappe and a hat-trick from Rashford saw us through to the semi finals


Chelsea tried, but 7 goals in 2 games from the French boys is more than enough to see us into our 6th consecutive UCL Final


Rashford and Mbappe combine again to clinch a well deserved 3-1 victory over the giants of Germany, and PSG lift the UCL crown once again



Not as convincing as I'd like, but 5-1 is decent enough

So another perfect season winning all competitions, but we don't care about that, we want goals, and we want them now


Mbappe with a decent season, but you'd expect them to be scoring more than 1 a game by now


That's better a very solid 62 in 58 for Rashford and he's catching up on Mbappe


Isak continuing his trend of 1 goal per game netting 60 in 60


So a good dent in the 1000 goals, but we're 6 seasons in and the boys still have a long way to go

Season Info


Player Stats


The obvious one out of the way


The boys still helping each other out, but happy that Pogba is getting in on the assist train with 26




Player/Team Awards


So another good season, and hopefully things will only get better

Cheers for all your comments and for following and See you soon



No wait, there's more



Season 7

Told you I had two full seasons to catch you up on, so let's not beat around Bettygoals Bush




Wasn't planning on doing much business this year, but I'm like a kid in a toy shop, all this money so I have to buy someone.  After seeing his iScout recommendation by @gunnersaur, I thought I'd check out Arthur and he's worth every penny of the £150M it cost to get him, as Diawara needs some competition for the DLP spot on the squad.  Fosu-Mensa must be on something because the kid looks amazing and I brought him in to compete for the CD spots, and Bernardo came in in January after Alex Sandro's "Attributes" took a nose dive and the guy couldn't compete for 90 minutes.


Goretzka wanted a new club so "bye bye", then the rest were unwanted graduates

So once again we have new blood in the squad and are ready to defend our multiple titles





Not as strong a display as last season, but we still walk away with the Trophee des Champions held high above our heads


Monaco once again fall before us as we brush them aside in the Coupe de la Ligue final thanks to a Mbappe brace and one from Alli


And there it is, finally the perfect league season winning all 38 games and netting an impressive 154 goals along the way and once again only conceding 16


And we wrap up another perfect domestic season thanks to a 4-1 win over Montpellier in the French Cup final



We had a hard (for us) fought victory over Spurs in the Euro Supercup final, but a late goal from Mbappe seals the win and another Euro Supercup crown for us


A huge group stage this year with two of our knockout stage opponents from last year and someone else, but we storm the table winning all 6 games and grabbing this result along the way



When I saw this I thought it was some lower French club in one of the cups, then realised it was a UCL group stage match and the grin on my face 15 beautiful goals and 7 from Rashford and Mbappe and I can even overlook the 4 from Pogba

 So we moved on once again through the knockout stages



Up first we have last years Euro League winners Lazio and they get dispatched thanks to an awesome second game display from Mbappe and Isak


A narrow 1-0 win in the away leg, is followed up with a great 4-0 win at home to secure a 5-0 agg score and progression to the Semi finals


2 red cards for the Gunners in the second leg didn't help matters as they were trying to overcome a 6-1 deficit and they were beaten before the first man was sent off as we move to the UCL final once again thanks to an immense 9-1 winning margin


We once again come up against the Giants of German football and they fought hard, taking the game to extra time with the result 4-4, then on comes Dembele and Neymar to turn the tide and one more for Rashford in ET to make it 7-4



Another one bites the dust

So another season and another butt load of silverware for the Trophy case, but did the boys have a better season goal wise, let's take a look


An amazing season from Mbappe who really showed why he's worth over £170M netting 74 goals in 59 games


Rashford had a slightly worse season than last year but still banged in 60 goals in 60 games for PSG


Isak missed almost a month early in the season, but came back firing netting 57 in 51 


What more can I say (apart from a huge thanks to our resident graphics guru @FuddledFox), the boys break the 1100 mark and Mbappe is over the 400 mark, with Rashford just shy of 390 and Isak trailing with just under 350, but I'm so happy with how the boys have done, and only ask for more of the same next year

Here's the season info for you

Season Info


Player Stats


A slight decrease from the other players, helping the boys up top


But also a decrease in the outfield assists, but we're getting there slowly




Player Awards


Mbappe wins the WPOTY award for the third straight year


So there you have it you Vibe Junkies 2 full seasons to get your teeth into

Hope you enjoyed and as always thanks for following

TAFF OUT!!!! (for Real this time)



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