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Career El Desafío Real de Galaticos en Inglés - Challenge Accepted


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I am attempting to complete Danovic78's Challenege Real Madrid - El Desafío Real de Galaticos en Inglés. I will keep the introduction short, so I present our chosen English Trio:

Jamaal Lascelles


I went with Jamaal Lascelles as his stats amount to that of a good, solid Centre Back. I did look towards John Stones, as he had a better passing ability, but while I am aiming to play possession football the difference in price was insane! I believe Lascales will be solid enough for us in this challenge and should improve drastically under IT.

Jack Wilshere


I am praying to god he stays fit. I see all the potential of a world class player in Wilshire, even if his career has been played by injury! I chose Wilshere because of his work rate and ability to pass the ball. I again looked elsewhere in Dele Alli, but was once again reluctant to spend a huge sum of my budget when Jack Wilshere seemed to be on par.

Marcus Rashford


I finally splashed out and spent £110m on Marcus Rashford, I looked at Harry Kane and Berahino but in the end there was only one option for me. I believe his finishing, movement + pace will prove a deadly combination for us!

I hope you follow and enjoy my journey, I will update after season one.

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