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Challenges The Three Wise Men Challenge


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The Three Wise Men Challenge


Seasonal greetings Vibe and welcome to my latest festive themed challenge I hope you'll all enjoy. I'm sure you're all familiar with the nativity story and the part the three wise men play in the tale, but for those of you that don't know in simple terms they bring gifts to baby Jesus. That ends our brief religious studies lesson so let's crack on and bring this back to FMM and the challenge this thread will host. 

The Challenge

Nominate three wise men that will be delivering the gift of goals to Brazil's own Gabriel Jesus! This is a one season challenge where you'll receive a point per goal Jesus scores while also receiving bonus points for each assist your wise men collect. The member with the highest total will be our victor so good luck! 


1. Own formations only
2. Any club and wise men can be used but GJ has to be the one receiving the gifts
3. You must nominate your wise men before starting
4. No unlockables
5. No cheating/IGE/reloading/text changes etc
6. Evidence will be required, I suggest posting a career thread for us to follow. 
7. Most importantly have fun!!

Leader Board
1. Prize - 195

2. FuddledFox - 131

3. Titjes - 125

4. Taff - 118

Thank you to @Tafffor his input on this challenge. 

Merry Christmas Vibe!!

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16 hours ago, samhardy said:


My Grandmother (a very very Catholic woman) used to have this painting of Jesus and it was placed halfway up a curling staircase, where the light from the lower and upper floor just gave it this sort of glow and it SCARED the living shit out of me everytime, but this one is scarier again 

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1 minute ago, Jinglebells PriZe said:

Nice! Will start this :)  Can i bring in wise men? Or do they have to be at the club

Sign who you wish :) 

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