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Chat Hungarian national team


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u need in game editor to create hungarian player or use myclub to create hungarian player at less 25 player.

then use changes.txt to make u managed hungarian national team.

search on you tube how to managed national using changes.txt

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"MANAGER" "First Name" "Surname" "Club  u are managed" "" "" "" "" ""Nation" "" ""


"MANAGER" "Uzumaki" "Naruto" "Salford" "" "" "" "" ""Thailand" "" ""

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Perhaps some of you already found out, but I never knew this. So perhaps it is of some use for you guys.

We all know it wasn't possible to manage Germany national team due licensing issues, but it's rather simple to do so. No need of hex-editing and with this method you have to select 19 to 23 players and are asked to confirm (like any other national team).

So here's what to do:

start game.
save file
open changes.txt (licence fix)
add line (example): 
"MANAGER" "Declan" "Barry" "FC Bayern München" "" "" "" "" "" "Germany" "" ""
"MANAGER" "firstname" "surname" "club" "" "" "" "" "" "nation" "" ""
save changes.txt
reload save
now you're managing Germany!
save game

And you can do the double job!

after save game
open changes.txt
add line

"MANAGER" "Declan" "Barry" "Germany" "" "" "" "" "" "Germany" "" ""
"MANAGER" "Declan" "Barry" "Germany" "" "" "" "" "" "FC Bayern München" "" ""

And for something else fantastic!!!! If you put in San Marino.... you manage San Marino. The problem here is you don't have 19 players to choose, so this is definately a problem.

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