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Career Tinsel Taff and the Three Wise Men


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Hello Vibe and welcome to my attempt at @Ashez festive themed Three Wise Men Challenge

Here is my attempt to get as many goals for one Gabriel Jesus, and as many assists for three chosen Wise Men

I decided to stick with Man City as Jolly St Nick



rather than try to get Jesus to join another club, and I also used three wise men already at the club, and here they are



Possibly the best midfielder in the Premiership (if not in all of football) at the moment, Kevin "The Man" De Bruyne is simply outstanding, and I can't think of a better AP to assist Jesus on his road to goal Heaven 


The pacy German is also a part of the immense season that City are currently having so makes sense that he is joining De Bruyne as one of my Wise Men


Lastly we have the young Englishman who has really found his stride this year and I'm hoping that can translate into the game and bring my trio of Wise Men some extra oomph 

So with my team, Jesus and three Wise Men all in place I went and did a bit of shopping to add more class to this already amazing team



Emre Can (who I think is a world class DLP comes in to solidify the middle of the park, along with Goretzka they will be CM partners through the season) Arnautovic (who himself is enjoying his best period in the premiership) comes in as a backup Winger due to him being able to use both feet, as well as Antonio for a backup RW.  Havertz was an young backup for any of the midfield positions, then I grabbed Maguire originally as a backup but he played so well when asked he ended up a starter.  Then Henrichs and Bernat came in as extra options for the FB positions


Only three players out, all three wanted more game time that I couldn't give them, and £37M for Silva was money I couldn't turn down

So with my new players in to join my team, we set off to spread some Christmas Cheer



We won the league with 5 games remaining, knocking in over 100 goals to this point and leaving the other "Big 6" in our wake


We end the league campaign with over 110 goals and leave our nearest competitors 23 points in our Wake


We progress through the Carabao Cup to face Spurs in the Final and thanks to a very late Sterling Goal we lift the trophy


And the FA Cup is a repeat fixture and with the same result, but we don't leave it as late this time and clinch another trophy and the domestic treble


We clinch our Champions league group, beating out Sporting, Basel and Monaco, we then move on and face Juventus, Barcelona, Spurs and into the Final to face Real Madird


Where the dream ended thanks to a single goal form Benzima

So a great season, but how did my Striker and Wise Men get on

First the Goals from Jesus


A very respectable 50 in 51 for Jesus, he missed some time with small injuries and fatigue, but I'm happy(ish) with the results

Now the Assists


De Bruyne ends the season with 27 assists and that's decent but was hoping for less goals and more passes, but that's where we are


Sane the ever IF, went all out to knick 33 goals, but only provided 17 assists, 10 less than his Belgian counterpart 


Sterling was a better provider for the team laying on 24 assists over the year, but still netted 12 times to help us to a very successful season 

So there we have it

Goals: 50

Combined Assists: 68

So not a bad amount, but it certainly is beatable so come and have a go if you think your Festive Enough (won't be seeing @samhardy that's for sure)

Here's the rest of the fixtures and team stats for anyone who's interested











So once again thanks to @Ashez for this festive challenge and I hope to see no one else try it so I can sit on top of the leaderboard :P

Merry Christmas Vibe

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