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Bargains, Star Players, Tactics and the Meta game

Hi all,

I'm starting this threat to give something back to the community. Learned so much from all of you guys, i just hope you find this useful.

So let's start with some bargains/ players i've signed over my careers that are imo great stars for good prices or just people to keep an eye on.

GK :

- Augusto Batalla - you can get him from an argentinian club for ~3M5a42774549bab_AugustoBataglla.thumb.png.69b18a53598e792ec43c87b1f88aef78.png

Defenders :

- Aaron - wonderkid DL/WBL - Just scout him before, he can have some bad hidden stats in some saves. Expensive at the start of game, bought him for ~12M in 2nd season. - from Espanyolaaron.thumb.png.2e6c275f9bb137817da7f7a33be1d214.png

- Dallot - Wonderkid DR/WBR - Same as aaron, sometimes he can be bad. If you have the money , get Passlack from Dortmund

- Bernardo - DR/WBR - from RBL, he is a good , solid player

- Spinazzola - DR/DL - very solid, can only be bought in 2nd season - from juventus. He can be unsettled

- J . Silva - great DL , been in FM for years. A good overall player,  not the best though.

- Rogerio Caio - BPD - A beast - you can get him for ~4M5a4277bd59e11_RodrigoCaio.thumb.png.b08011b7cebb71ce3057e9373442c287.png

- Yerri Mina - CD - Beast - scores a few goals as well, can be expensive some times ~8M5a4277e79a608_YerriMina.thumb.png.7c5d6f0b3c3619670649fe55ac393c3c.png

- De Ligt - BPD - I've been lucky, nobody bought him for 2 seasons. I got him for 5M and now he is one of the best in the world

- I Kanote - CD - Good player, quite young. I didn't get him over 7-ish rating. 

- k. Ajer - BPD - Celtic - you can get him <10M if he gets unsettled. Great bargain in some saves. Very good player overall.

- T. Kehrer - BPD - Schalke ( germany) - Got him for 3M a few seasons in. World class defender

- Lucas Martinez QUarta - CD - some argentinian club. For me, didn't work. He looks very good stat-wise , but didn't perform for me. Cheap bargain though.

- Kenny Tete - Good DR , not good as a wing back. You can get him for 12M , resale value 30m

- Lorenzo Dickman - funny name , solid DR , very cheap ~3M


Middlefield : 

Mentions , you probably already know these top class players but they deserve to be re-written : Arthur , Wendel, Luan.5a4277a8d7a85_luanbestEUplayer.thumb.png.86bc2ee746bf9008d09e7ce85b8673f7.png

- Barco - 18 yrs, WORLD class player - independiente arg, around ~5m

- Reynoso - top class player , best - buy bargain AMC - 3.2M

- Pavon - AMRL - Bought for 3.2M , sold 6 months later for 120M

- Gustavo Scarpa - AMRL , Great Bargain, 3.2M5a4277808125a_GustavoScarpa.thumb.png.8837d61ede518bb21da54ba1973959e5.png

- Dudu - AMRLC - great talent, bought for ~4M, sold for 20M. Think he can be very good , he didn't get alot of apps in my squad.

- Tatsuya Ito - AML - retrained him to be AMC. 3M at start, got him very cheap, grew into a world class player. Just take a look5a4277d6526cd_TatsuIto.thumb.png.8a3fc429de3c63ab72699ce52779ad5c.png

 - B. Traore , Malcom , Berardi , Le Faso - Great players to buy. Watch out for le faso, he can have some bad hidden stats, scout them before. World stars, did great for my team 

- Great Bargains : Cigerci , Saunders, Gillet , Burnic, Besic

- Claudio Gomes - Expensive DMC - PSG - Get him at start for ~15M . Turns out to be good, but he takes ALOT of time to develop. Not worth it tbh.

- Zakaria - BWM - Great player, mentioned him because you can get him sometimes for <30M. If you can, do not hesitate!

- Frenkie De Jong - Solid AP-MC . Not expensive, he usually doesn't get much play time and he gets sad and i snapped him for about 5M

- Gaston Pereiro - AMC - PSV. Get him unsettled, you can have a superstar for 10M

- Gbamin - DMC - some german club - Nothing but good words for this guy. Solid and consistent performer. Sometimes got a 8 rating as DMC.

- Onyekuru - Star player, scout him before, he has enigmatic trait sometimes.

- Mahlambi - super cheap RSA - AMR ( IF ). Sold him for big profit.Mahlambi.thumb.png.147c16003409241349f3102c5fe2d59a.png

- Santiago Caseres - DM/DLP- some argentinian club - top class, takes around 2 sez for him to develop but unlike Gomes, this guy is worth the wait.5a4277c836c6a_SantiagoCaseres.thumb.png.b8a6faf7c21786134a30c16904aaa9eb.png


- Victor Gyokeres - SWE/HUN - solid player, you can get him for about ~1M5a4277e0b0c0e_VictorGyokeres.thumb.png.c5fc674d7b992c30c935c0f7baea19a3.png

- Driussi - he gets overlooked. bought him for 30M, he got most goals in Serie A ( as genoa ) , ended up valueing ~70M. 

- Ezequel Rascaldani - Superb bargain. He's very hard to find but you can get him for <1M5a42776b9fb95_EzeRasqaldani.thumb.png.db52c25edfc0adce5824c1db36e62c01.png

- L Martinez : some argentinian club. World class striker. ~10M

- S. Abdullahi - Braunschweig - I think he should be around ~140-150 PA as he turns out to be very solid striker. Got him for 1.5M~ , sold for ~20M.5a4277c4a92c7_SAbdulahi.thumb.png.b3dbfbb83476dfd26c2686888f524fff.png

As a general note, to find all these players, you have to load england, germany , italy and portugal. ( that's what i've done anyway). Scout before buying! Some players have hidden atributes.

Now for tactics, i like using 4231. Before the update, i had my AMR / AML as IF . Luan, Pavon, berardi, onyekuru, gustavo scarpa, etc. They were scoring minimum 20 / season. ( that's minimum 40 goals from the wingers alone. After the update, i've found that Luan ( my award winning player ) was scoring less and less. I believe that they did something and i feel like IF are very greedy and get low ammount of goals. So using a 4-3-2-1 ( 3 MC ) with wingers and an AF is getting me results now.

I've used Galatasaray as my first save, i won the league every time, cups , and champions league in the 3rd season

With genoa - won the league in my first season + italy cup. 2nd season won everything internally + ch league so i lost motivation to play with them.

Both careers are done by NOT using sugar daddy. 

Also, a tip for regens. Watch out for an uruguay striker after first season and a MLC brazilian. They are beasts and you can get them <1M.5a4277b62a21b_NicoArrambari.thumb.png.bc0f648bd50eab537733a96a4e4e6dfb.png5a4277c10da70_rodrigodossantosMLCregen.thumb.png.0cdf7ddfa96a69c26ef55d8c852ecc2c.png

I think they are Forlan and Ze Roberto regen ( not sure, please confirm).


Also, as a final note, i've uploaded photos for every player in my list from my saves. I'm not sure you can see them , please let me know. I've only added a few photos in my post. 


I know it's long, hope it's worth the read. 


Cheers guys !



B Traore.png



Burnic bargain.png

C Pavon.png

Cigerci Tolgan.png

Claudio Gomes.png

De Ligt.png

Denis Zakaria.png

Dominik Kohr.png


Ezeq Barco.png

Frenkie de jong.png

G Gillet .png

Gaston Pereiro.png

George Saunders.png

H Onyekuru.png

I Kanote.png

J Gbamin.png

J Silva.png

j. kluivert.png

K ajer.png

K Tete.png

Kevin Danso.png


Lautaro Martinez.png

Lorenzo Dickman.png

Lucas Martibnez Quarta.png

Lucas Silva.png


Seba Driussi.png


T Kehrer.png

Upamecano 2.png



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I am SUPER happy that you appreciate and i could help out as many of you did. I'm thinking of making an article about tactics as well. More in-depth. Would you guys be interested in that as well?

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Update on bargains :

- ITO - the japaneese AMRLC can be signed on free in the first winter transfer

- Goretzka - i think this is now commong knowledge - but if you're lucky ( if he isn't transferred in the summer) you can get him on free in the next season

- D. Berardi is also available free in the 3rd season. So is aubameyang ( not really free, but you can sell him at age 30 for 7M~ or so ).

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30 minutes ago, Babyshambles85 said:

Any other good goalkeepers started a celtic save and it's my first save on fmm18 and don't really know many good players to buy at the start 

Christian Fruchtl

Using him in my Rogerio Ceni challenge...world class mate!

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Predrag Rajkovic.

added 0 minutes later
1 hour ago, Babyshambles85 said:

Any other good goalkeepers started a celtic save and it's my first save on fmm18 and don't really know many good players to buy at the start 


Edited by Seth Anacondas
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For me, it's Benjamin Henrichs every single time. Has 20s all over the place after a few seasons. You can retrain him to play pretty much wherever too. Ridiculously versatile.

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Very good article mate, i only eva load 1 league a time so will give ago wid more also  ur tactics no its a 4321 with wingers and af but wat passin defence line etc do you play pal? Havnt found a good one yet on this years they neva seem to last  cheers  

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