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Chat OME or EME


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I find OME alot quicker, but why do many prefer playing the longer version EME?


Had this game a few days, but find a good tactic hard to come by on OME.


Someone help me out please, getting bored after 4-5 games any team i pick.



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Most people play EME as it will probably be the only engine in a couple of years time.

There's a chance that SI have made the OME harder this year to try and switch more people over to the EME

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How hard is this game, proper struggling and regret buying it.

EME just takes forever for one match and OME can not win a game regardless of what team and players I buy.

Know it's been easy over the years, but making it hard and not enjoyable is going too far.

Going back to playing 2017 now

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I’ve just switched to EME after playing OME for ages. The matches take much longer and have intros and, er, extros (?) and so on.

It also seems to sap my battery more.

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will always be an OME guy and the day it's removed will be the day I quit playing FMM

4-2-3-1 with pressing has always worked for me as long as one of the CM's is a DLP

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