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Tactics T10: Trequartista 10 [EME] 4-3-3


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T10 : The Trequartista 10

So far so good with this one, got an unbeaten season with Barcelona, ±60 matches unbeaten with barça and through to the world cup with British virgin island and new zealand.

A lot of goals and win almost all of the matches. But the T10 only for good team with good players as well, especially T10 is bae. But with VGB and NZL, i'm using a real 9 as an AF or Poacher, and of course with their assistant, the DF.

Smart players, pacey players, agile players, and good passer a.k.a the sniper are mandatory requirement. Pacey defenders are really important my fellas.
Some times, it's really struggle to scored even a goal.

Me with Barcelona always playing attacking style, when it's really hard to score a goal, change "work into box" as "shoot on sight", "overlap" to "early crosses", "narrow to balanced then switch mixed style to both flanks", and ofc "attacking" to "overload". Some times i changes from direct pass to short or mixed pass, also "FB" to "WB".

I am using this good training method :

here the tactic and results. For VGB's & NZL's tactic, you can download it. Sorry if this is doesn't work properly.










NZL tactic.zip

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6 hours ago, ManLikeRobbieBrady said:

I have to ask, how did you become the manager of the Virgin Islands?

by using ige, i changed several old players before they retired.

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Hi there.

Quick question. Was this tactic used after the 9.10 update? 

Just asking cause i have been using this tactic and just had my best season yet with Rangers. Managing to go unbeaten in the league 37-1-0 and winning all other comps including the Champions League.  I've been wanting to update the game but am i bit scared of my favorite tactic becoming useless. Thanks in advance.

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Never mind. I took the plunge and updated. I have to say that I a loving the IFs now. Finally they are acting in the way I would expect. 

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