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Time for my first save of FMM18 to get underway I think! After the 3rd embarrassing release of the game on the bounce the worst of the bugs seem to be ironed out now and with Christmas out of the way what better time to jump into something than now!

But what will I be playing?

I've thrown a few screenshots across the site in the past few days which may give you a clue but in short I'll be attempting the Triple Threat challenge which requires 3 strikers to score 1500 between them, I initially thought it was 2000 so that'll be the more likely goal.

The slight twist with this particular attempt will be the British feel to my frontline as I attempt to complete this challenge with an Englishman, Scotsman and a Welshman up top!

Team of Choice - Bayern Munich


Which players have I chosen?

From Wales - Ben Woodburn


The most predictable choice of the three, no real other options here so let's move on ASAP please thanks.

From England - Dominic Calvert-Lewin


Didn't want to use the usual suspects so went slightly but not too left-field with this choice. Stats look great with some key ones bordering on green already.

And from Scotland - Callum Paterson


I'm going to throw a prediction out there that only 25% of this viewing audience have heard of Callum Paterson, and very few will know that he's actually a right back.

Yes, the third player I'm attempting to complete this challenge with is a right back.

A few years ago vibe saw a nice save from @Ashez where he completed the 1KC with Paterson. Since then, he has made the remarkable transformation from a striker into a RB! When browsing through player search the other day I caught sight of this myth of a man and when I saw he still makes the ideal target man I was excited to see what he could do 5 years after his introduction to vibe.


The Ashez career

Season One

Transfers In

Things get off to a great start as I forget to grab a screenshot so I'll just have to list from memory sorry :P

  • Ben Woodburn
  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin
  • Callum Paterson
  • Dele Alli
  • Naby Keita 
  • Aymeric Laporte

Team Performance


Perfect :)

Manager Profile


The game is sooo hard this year :P

The Main Event

We've already had a look at their attributes so let's see how the terrifying threesome got on in the first season.




Not too bad at all for the target man.

Total - 33




Can't complain at over a goal a game for the first season :)

Total - 51




More will be expected from him in the future but this will do for starters.

Total - 40


  • Ben Woodburn - 40
  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin - 51
  • Callum Paterson - 33
  • Total - 124/1500

And finally the boring stuff, the fixture list.









We also had 7 of the World XI... Paterson in the wrong position though :@


Thanks for reading and remember to leave a comment!

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Great challenge to kick 18 off with, goodluck :) tho a couple season ending injuries, and strained relationships would be a very welcome dramatic twist to your adventure. 

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16 hours ago, billy2shots said:

Nice twist with the homegrown players Sam. The TT is my personal favourite so am looking forward to following this. 

124 for the first season is brilliant!

Thanks Billy. Was pleased with the start especially for my first attempt at the challenge!

15 hours ago, Rob2017 said:

Love it, and great start.

I do enjoy FMM’s inability to put Paterson in the correct position. Kinda takes you out of the moment!

Things like that frustrate me loads about FMM, if my GK played up top and scored 50 they'd still include him in TOTY as a keeper :@

15 hours ago, Kingsolop said:

Nice start you've got there 

I was happy enough with it :)

10 hours ago, Real_Random said:

Nice start mates,are you going to retrain Paterson or leave him as is? Good luck and KIU

Retraining has already started actually! Aptitude is poor but hopefully it happens eventually.

9 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Great challenge to kick 18 off with, goodluck :) tho a couple season ending injuries, and strained relationships would be a very welcome dramatic twist to your adventure. 

Maybe the old urban myth the broken spine will make an appearance... :O That used to be the most feared injury back in PSP days haha. 12 month injury!

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What a blast from the past that was! I can't believe how long ago that save was but it's always ace to see Callum make an appearance. He gifted me Colin Sale the 1kc son so that combined with his odd position change makes him one of my favs for sure. Such an interesting player but I doubt many here remember my saves haha. 

Solid start though Sam, Woodburn is one I'm especially interested in as I'm surprised how little love he's received since he was added to the game. 

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Season Two



We brought nobody in this season as there was simply no need to due to the strength of the squad. Unbeaten last season and no real weaknesses.

Team Performance


Another pretty perfect season however that one league defeat was so frustrating. It would have been a second straight unbeaten season which would have been some achievement but unfortunately it wasn't to be as Dortmund had other ideas. 

Note - I switched the save to another device after season 1 in case you were wondering why the screenshots look different :P



104 games unbeaten!

Manager Profile


Try and find me a sexier looking manager profile ;)

The Main Event

Doing well club wise is all well and good but how did the main 3 strikers get on? Time to find out.

Firstly, let's take a look at their attributes just before the start of this season :)


Good target man, just as well he can still play there as he'd make a shit full back :P Re-training is underway.



Nice improvements from the English and Welsh representatives of the front trio.




Now we get on to the goals.



Slight improvement which is good to see!


A bit of a disappointment really especially with the Woodburn injury taken into consideration :(


Can't complain given his age and the 2 month injury. Would have been nearer 50 without it.


  • Ben Woodburn - 77
  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin - 95
  • Callum Paterson - 74
  • Total - 246/1500
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23 hours ago, samhardy said:

Try and find me a sexier looking manager profile ;)

Got one for ya in tomorrow's update :P


5 hours ago, Ashez said:

Solid stuff Sam

Agreed. Another rubbish season, Sam. At least you're being consistently solid at it. :laugh:

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6 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Got one for ya in tomorrow's update :P

Kind of disappointed you didn't mention his #2 manager ranking like he did for you. ;) 

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40 minutes ago, veerus said:

Kind of disappointed you didn't mention his #2 manager ranking like he did for you. ;) 

For the record, that was @PriZe ,but all the same either way. Both endlessly struggling (and failing miserably) to reach half my level. Top marks for the efforts and determination tho (y)

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On 07/01/2018 at 10:30, samhardy said:

Thanks for the comments. Will get another update out Thursday :)


13 hours ago, PriZe said:

So where is the update?

He's having a sh@t season.

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