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Career Brugmania - My 1kc attempt


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So, having read (lurked in the shadows of) these forums for ages and joining a few weeks back, I have decided to try a 1kc challenge. I took over Spurs and decided to start with Pellegri...much like a whole tonne of other people on here. I did one season, scoring a fair few for a 16 year old, and then just before Christmas in the second season he broke his leg and was out for 4 months. 'What do I do?', I thought in sheer panic. Rest assured I had a soluton: his name is Brugman...Cristhian Brugman. 16, Uruguayan, and looking like Dr 'Diego Forlan' Who had stepped in to the tardis and regenerated, he is the nippy nimble poacher I tend to love. I have decided to instead do my 1kc as him (and, yes, I know regens don't count for some..but this is my go, I don'tave ambitions to be on a leaderboard, and I love the lad). This is him when I started playing him:


And this are his stats at the end of the season:


We won the league and Uefa Cup in his first year and the boy made the team of the season, along with winning the young player. 


His highlight was the Uefa Cup final, also known as 'The Birth of Brugman' game, where the boy became a man and Brugmania was born. In an interview afterward he said, 'I loved the game.  I dedicate my hat trick to my Brugmaniacs, who eat their vitamins and say their prayers. Whatcha gonna do when Brugmania runs wild on you?'


Transfer wise, I've signed the usual South American players that we all do: Caio, Vinicious, Barco, Pavon Luan, Scarpa, etc, and cycled through them, selling them on for profits to the afford the likes of Diawara, Kessie, Havertz, etc. Selling Kane and Eriksen earnt me a fair bit of cash, as did flogging loads of the deadwood - Lloris and Dier are my only remaining regulars.

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Good start dude...looking forward to reading more.

I bet once he starts smashing a ton you'll be thinking about that leaderboard...we all do!!

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