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Help How can I increase maximum wage?


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I have a lot of wage budget, but my board puts a limit on wage....

I cannot renew any contract

I’m gonna lose Grimaldo&Stegen as a free transfer

I tried adjusting budgets, but it didn’t work..

wtf plz help me


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I have this problem sometimes too. I guess this is a new feature(?). Because on the FMM 2017, the board would limit the players' wage according to club finances. So if the maximum wage based on the finances was 325k, the the board would limit it exactly 325k. But now, board can arbitrarily limit player's wage. No explanation whatsoever.

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I guess it is mirroring real life. Just ask Arsene Wenger. I tend to offer contracts before they enter the final year and if they don't accept it gives you time to sell them before you lose them for nothing.

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I tend to do it with two years remaining, unless they’ve just turned 18 in which case I always refresh to get the maximum five years and not the three.

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