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Tactics First tactic shared


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Hey Guys,

Long time user of this site. Was absolutely hopeless with tactics until now. 

I have gone with United in a 3-2-2-1-2. 



Because the tactic uses wing backs, I sold a few wide players that did not fit in. I used Lingard as an exchange for Ali. Bought Rafinia from Barca and Gerhardt in January as an injury to Shaw had me snookered. I loaned out a few younger players so do not expect to buy big again. 

The Tactic

The intention was to create a possession based tactic but I made a few adjustments. It results in sometimes only having 40-50% possession but scoring goals. The defensive instructions are to close down all over the pitch, win the ball back with Pogba and Ali providing the creativity when the ball is turned over. I have gone with fast tempo and short passing with trough balls. 

Two Teams. 

With the talent at my disposal I have two starting XI saved one for league and one for cups with players interchanging a lot between the teams. Mata, Ali, Pogba and Rafinia, and Magic all competing for 3 positions I think has improved my side. 








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Its done the trick for me in a few of my saves. Yes it works well with 1.9 on EME. You need players with high creatively in midfield and quick enough CBs. 

Abandoned the feasting with a weaker team so its unknown if it will work. I have my doubts on that.

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