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Challenges The 500 Challenge


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3Hi guys,


Undertaking this challenge to see where it goes. Youth players are exciting to manage. So here is a challenge that involves youth. 

1) Take over a club. Suggest a big club with sellable assets. 

2) 500 is the magic number. The combined age for your squad on 1st August cannot be more than 500. 

3) It does not matter how the number is reached but your squad must have at least 22 players.

4) feel free to keep older players. 

5) If you cannot sell older players by august demote them. 

6) Players can be loaned or bought. January Transfers allowed but 500 will still be magic number. 

7) Screenshots will be required August 1st, Sept 1st and Feb 1st of squads. 

8) Own Tactics, No Editors, Sugar Daddy Allowed. 

10) Second season No Transfers. Watch your team flourish. 


Win the League 100

Domestic cup 50

European Champions Cup 100

Euro League 75

Supercups, Community shields do not count as not everybody's chosen club will be involved. 

Extra Points 

100 for keeping magic number Below 400.

Edited by Pippers87
Upped to 500 from 400
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36 minutes ago, Taff said:

with my poor maths skills might be one I'll leave to others

if 'math' were your only worries.. :P


Interesting challenge indeed, Pippers.

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