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Help Disappearing players bug?


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Okay so half a season into my first solo France save, and something odd happened. Most of Marseille's (OM) squad vanished within 3 months! No trace of being transferred out/released, club is financially stable, but players started disappearing! My favourite FMM15 defender Dória no longer had a player profile, and many of their players were at other clubs (I managed to sign Mandanda, Mitroglou, and Payet for free because they were released). Ran new saves but never happened again.

Attached below are some screenshots (the 2 matches are on 23 Oct 2017, and 10 Jan 2018 respectively) I will upload the save file if SI needs it for investigation.

Club Information



Squad at start of the save



Squad at 10 Jan 2018



Transfer HistoryScreenshot_20180109-210414.thumb.png.924ec1cc7bb2ad978ed8c4ab7937e6c7.png


Player history of some of their players



Me signing them



My 2 games

10 Jan 2018



23 Oct 2017


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31 minutes ago, terengganu said:

not bugs. but your changes.txt. open changes.txt, search player and remove name patrick evra.

So its the patrice evra character that is making OM kick all its players?

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5 minutes ago, Growcanine said:

So its the patrice evra character that is making OM kick all its players?

yes. when u load a game 1 player got release from OM. So if u load 5 time a day 5 player got release.

Edited by terengganu
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