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Anyone think the bug might be back? Got Luis Suárez’s regen who’s stamina has dropped to 4, rendering him pretty useless. Seriously what footballer would even be playing the game with 4 stamina? He’s a 5 star world class player. 

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34 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Regens often have poor stamina, I see it as away of balancing them. 

But that doesn’t make much sense does it?  There wouldn’t be any point in having any 5 star regens if they are going to have a handicap. His stamina was never great, but it was 9 or so. 

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Regens does seem to have some kind of low stamina bug. I have one game at 2025 and half of the regens coming to game have relatively low stamina. Maybe its the youths nowadays passive way of life... :P

But I must say stamina seems to be only half of the story. I use one of my players as a example. Dutch wonderkid from Ipswich, age 17. He had persistent 1-2 stamina but often were able to play whole match as CF, T, AF or poacher. Maybe they still have Natural fitness as a good stat? Isn't it still there, not as a visible though?

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