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Chat Goalkeeper ratings rant


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This game needs to figure out how to rate goalies. There are two issues here: I can never hold a clean sheet (no matter how hard I park the bus), and conceding a goal always drops a keepers rating to 6, no matter how high it was before. I had a goalie on a 9, with a rare assist, and he then had a penalty scored on him in the 87th minute and got a 6. How?  Conceding a penalty that you are not likely to save in the first place should not mean that you lose everything that you did well in the first 80 minutes. 

The worst thing that can happen is if you score 3+ goals, concede one, and have a lower rating than the opponent keeper. It happens so often, and it annoys me to no end  I’ve scored 5 or 6 goals and have the other goalie get an 8 while mine concedes one and gets a 6. So annoying.

TLDR: keepers are given bad ratings for conceding a single goal despite not earning them. 

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This year FMM is definitely hard on GKs ratings. Overall their ratings are lower compared to the previous year.

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