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Career The Infinity Gauntlet is Mine


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The Infinity Glove


I really fancied the look of this challenge by @Titjes.

The Team

Now this challenge requires you to bring in 6 players who are going to score goals and/or get assists. This could be costly, therefore picking a team who can afford to splash out is advisable.


So I ignored all of that and picked Celtic. I would have to sell my best players in order to buy in my gems.




The Gems

Time (Green)

All the way from FC Groningen


Mimoun Mahi comes in to dance around the enemy with his dribbling and technical skills.

Space (blue)

Being brought in from Sparta Rotterdam


Janne Saksela. He doesnt look like much but he is just what I need.

Soul (orange)

Coming north from Hull


Probably the biggest signing, polish international who will bring it from either flank.

Reality (red)

Coming even further north from Milton Keynes


Another odd choice but he is brought in to defend from the front.

Power (purple)

Coming over from Valadolid in spain we have a playmaker


He will control the game in the centre of midfield.

Mind (yellow)

And last but not least, coming in from Getafe in spain is a man with a fantastic name.


How can I not sign a man named Yoda? Sign him I must.

So there are my Gems. More updates later guys.

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As the season opens we face a mix of friendlies and european qualifiers.


Ignoring those friendlies lets see the other matches.


A good start to the campaign for my gems, with two of them netting in this game.


The second leg threw up a couple more goals but only one for my gems.


We end up the month with a draw away to Rijeka and Grosicki gets off the mark with our only goal.

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So an average month lets see some of the more eventful games.


We manage to get past the third champions league qualifying round thanks to a late-ish goal from one of my gems, and 3 from them in all.


A pitiful display saw us crash out of the  betfred cup. At least Mahi scored.

And the last hilight of August


Our thorough beating of Malmö takes us into the champions league proper.

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The team opened the season ok but there is a long way to go.

Here are the results from September.


A good month with only 1 loss.

Here are some of the more eventful matches.


First there is a brilliant match for the fans with 9 goals in all, 6 for us and 3 for Aneke himself. What a thriller.


Next up is the first old firm derby of the season and it is another thriller with us coming out as victors with 4 goals to 3.

Finally we see see the only loss of the month


And once again it was an entertaining affair, there is no shame in losing to Sevilla away with this squad. Also, 2 gem goals from Yoda.

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So lots of goals in September could October follow suit?


Lets see some of the interesting games.


A 3-1 victory over freshly promoted Hibs. 3 gem goals as well.

Next we are off to the champions league again and Roma.


We were thoroughly beaten in Rome but no shame against that side.

Finally, a game against recent number 2 Scottish club Aberdeen.


Another defeat in what was not a great month for us. Hopefully things pick up in November.

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October was not the best month for me and my gems would November be better?


Leta see some of tge better games.


The month kicks off with a 4-2 loss to Roma. Its better than shipping 7 goals I suppose.

We move onto what should be an easier game with ross county.


And it proves to be.

Finally Benfica are looking to avenge their earlier loss to us.


No such luck lads we win 3-2 with 3 gem goals.

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November was an average month how would December go?


After a home win over Motherwell we were visited by Sevilla.


We took the spanish side down with 3 goals.

Mid month we had a severe blow to our possible points tally as our top scorer is injured.


After a few more wins we face aberdeen.


The lucky sods withstand a barrage of shots and equalise in the 92nd minute.

Finally we visit Dundee


We are thoroughly beaten by the underdogs. Poor result.

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1 hour ago, Titjes said:

That's a big injury :O But you will recover from it, I'm sure you got some tricks up your sleeve :P 


38 minutes ago, danovic78 said:

Terrible luck with that injury, hopeful you can rejig the team to maximize the points.

Its a massive hit for my squad as he will miss the rest of the challenge and was the top guy. Some shuffling is in order.


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December was a reasonably successful month lets see how January would go.


The month opened with the old firm derby.


Which we lost. The fans were not impressed at all.

Next we look at the Hibs game.


A close run thing but we scraped it. Not happy that Aneke was unavailable though as Edouard got all 3 goals.

Finally we look at the game against Hearts


An easy enough 2-0 win. The painful thing is that the injury to Michel means we now have 4 of our 6 gems injured.

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January was a pretty average month and we were hoping for more in February.


We begin the month with a visit to kilmarnock.


An easy win to open the month.

Next is a champions league game against bayern


We fought back from 3 goals down but could not complete the comeback.

Finally we had a visit from St Johnstone


We dropped a 3 goal lead to a subpar opponent. 

Not a good month.

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February was not a good month at all i was hoping march would be far better


With only 4 games this month they all count.


We begin the month with an easy win over Partick Thistle

Next up a match vs Bayern


We are taken down 4-3 but thats no shame as bayern are a far better team.

Finally, we have the old firm derby again.


The celtic faithful were not happy as we were beaten 4-2

A terrible month as fatigue and injuries take their toll the squad.

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So we have had 2 poor months in a row. Could april break the streak?


We opened against ross county


What are we playing at? We should have won here!

Next we have a cup old firm clash


Despite not having the best of the opportunities in the game we took the win.

Finally we face Aberdeen


A nice 2-0 win to end the month.

So another poor month, this is going down the pan.

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Final month, lets see how we finish the season.


First game of may we face St Johnstone


Another poor draw against a weak side.

We now have the final old firm derby of the season.


What a disappointment at 0-0.

Finally we have the scottish cup final


We at least take the cup with a 2-0.


So first lets see how we did in the league.


Definitely a failure for celtic not to win the league but hey its about the gems, so how did they do?



A small improvement in his attributes.


With a lot of small injuries he only played around half of the season. 

1 goal

2 assists (divide by two)

Total - 2 points



Looks like a decent winger, decent attributes there.


He did ok considering he played at fullback a lot.

Goals - 11

Assists - 10 (divide by two)

Total - 16 points



Looking like a half decent playmaker


He played decent in the centre of the park but not amazing.

Goals - 13

Assists - 13 (divide by 2)

Total - 19.5



Looking a nice winger.


Goals - 18

Assists - 20 (divide by 2)

Total - 28 points



Aneke was more physical than any other member of my squad


Goals - 18

Assists - 14 (divide by 2)

Total - 25 points



Mahi is still getting over his injury at this point and his attributes reflect that.


This here is the biggest shame only 31 games in the bag but his scores were well on track for greatness. He got players player of the year but that doesnt count.

Goals - 22

Assists - 10 (divide by 2)

Total - 27 points

Grand Total - 117.5 points

Not the greatest total but hell, it was a fun ride.

Double check this @Titjes


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none of these mate?

  • League top Scorer = 5
  • League Top Assists = 5
  • Player of the Year = 15
  • Young Player of the Year = 15


if net, then this is your score indeed ;) still a great score as you didn't use world class players :) 

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27 minutes ago, Titjes said:

none of these mate?

  • League top Scorer = 5
  • League Top Assists = 5
  • Player of the Year = 15
  • Young Player of the Year = 15


if net, then this is your score indeed ;) still a great score as you didn't use world class players :) 

 Nope got none of those. That mahi injury cost me big time.

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