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Help Can't offer a contract to a new signing


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I've found a bit of a bug that I can't see a way of getting around here. I've done a few save and re-loads too.

I put in a bid for a player, which no matter how high (I bid up to £20m first off at one point too) would always give me the "…face competition to sign van de Meulenhof" reply. On that there was one of those buttons to submit a higher bid, which I did. However if my bid didn't massively outstrip the other club bidding, I'd receive an email asking me to revise my bid, but without a button to submit one.

So I saved, re-loaded and sent in this bid of £17m which gets me to this point:IMG_6116.thumb.PNG.70aea14bce29776e487a4a88c644af3a.PNGIMG_6117.thumb.PNG.87fe75d0ccf132e587ea891622f84879.PNG


But it gives me no option to send in a contract, or cancel the deal and try again. I've moved forward for a couple of weeks and gotten no other messages asking me to submit a contract. Has anyone had this before? Is there a fix? I need to sign this fantastic man with shocking stamina.

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