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Career Havertz - 1kc attempt


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After messing around with the embryos of 1kc challenges for a while and having to dump my 3-1-4-1 EME formation for one that works in the OME, here is my proper attempt at a 1kc. I've chosen Spurs and Havertz to do this, so please ignore this thread if you aren't interested or if you don't like me ?. If not, then read on...

So, I started out with two main targets:

1) Get players in that will grow in the future and ditch the deadweight. My first few seasons when my striker is growing won't be high scoring, so getting others who will also improves the best use of my funds;

2) Chose the player for the challenge.

Starting with the latter, I have to admit something: Havertz wasn't my first choice; Geubbels was. I thought 'hey, I have never signed him so this'll be fun.' This is Geubbels to start:


He started off well and then in the winter got injured, so I stuck Havertz up front. Like many of us, Kai is an all time fave. But I never usually played him up top - he usually becomes my main attacking midfielder. He scored a few and I decided to keep him there.  Admittedly I lose a few years in the challenge using Kai as he is a bit older, but he is quality.

Here is Kai at the start of my selection:


Transfers-wise I got the usuals in and flogged certain folk that didn't suit my needs:



I also ditched Rose and Sisskoko in Jan, bringing in Maia as cover for central midfield, defensive midfield,  and left back. My plan is to have a back four of Passlack/Henrichs, Upa, Sanchez, and Theo in a few years. That probably seems familiar to many. I enjoy cycling South Americans for profit, so that'll be my main target from next season onwards, with the odd quality standard player coming in.

So here is what happened this season:


The season started slow, but once Kai went up top we won most games. For a team in transition I am relatively pleased, especially after the update. Madrid edged us in the Chamuons League. The FA Cup was a standard FMM stich up. 

Kai himself did well. The final stats (or is it attributes?  ?):


Bear in mind a lot of those games were in the first half of the season when he played in midfield. So again I'm relatively pleased. He scored at least a goal a game at least when up top. Son obviously scored too many, so I will be keeping an eye on that next season. My favourite fame with Kai was this:


He won a few awards too:


So overall I'm fairly pleased. I remember seeing someone once say that any goals scored in the teens is a massive bonus in a 1kc. However I'm expecting a lot more next season when up top is his main role.

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A great player and one who has surprised me in my PSG save

Used him as a BBM for a few games due to injuries to other players and he was great there but he does like to bang them in so can't play him too often or he'll steel goals from MRI

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Thanks guys. He’s a staple of most of our teams and I expect a boring choice, but I’m intrigued as much as anything about how he does in a career as a striker rather than an attacking midfielder.

I’m already nearing the end of season 2 (my wife is pregnant and rests a lot so I have a bit of spare time!) so that update will follow fairly swiftly. Once this one is done I’m planning on trying one using my old formation in the OME with someone different.

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Solid start dude well done.

Geubbels is a class player...he needs time to get those physicals up, but once he does he is immense!

KIU bud...this could be a huge career! (y)

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Season 2.

So my transfer target at the start of the season was to increase our wealth for future big signings, but also increasing quality of my current lineup gradually. As I said before, Kai will grab most of his goals in his twenties, so that is when the squad needs to be at its best. I did a lot of my business in the winter window. Here are my dealings:


I managed to make a £42m profit on tranfers this season, including buying and selling Pavon in the two windows. Winks wanted to leave, so I had to let him go. Wendel came in as his future squad replacement. Dier wanted to leave too. Malcom was my main signing and has been a joy to work with. I'm hoping Chiesa, Haksa, and De Ligt develop as well as they do in my other saves. With the profits, plus next years' budget I want to get a good keeper in to replace an aging Lloris and then look at spending some profits on another good player.

Anyhow, we got screwed out of the Carabao Cup in typical FMM fashion, but we are all used to dominating and sometimes not winning, as frustrating as it is. 


Arsenal always seem to be my achilles heel in the game, knocking us out in the cup semi final. I guess it is the North London thing.


However we won the league by 9 points, grabbing 81 goals in the process.


So that is a pretty good season in my book. Whilst we didn't score tonnes, I feel like the squad is coming together. On to the boy himself...

His opening stats:


And his closing:


No twenties yet, and I'm a little wary that his aerial and shooting has reached their limit as they didn't improve, but it'll be interesting to see where it all goes. I mixed his training up all bit over the year too.

We ended up with these ststs:


Kai got a goal a game, which I'm a bit disappointed with. None of this 100+ stuff. He'd go through some runs where he'd bag braces and hat tricks, then go though a barren spell. Son still scores too many so I am going to sell him if i can get a good replacement or if someone else steps up.

Kai would always perform in the big games though.


He got in to the team of the season, but Son won the overall EPL award. Kai grabbed European player again though.


So, he is 20 now and has scored around 100. Assuming he plays well until, say, 33 that means I've got 13 seasons to grab 900 goals. 70 goals a season then, which is a tantalising challenge. Here goes!


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