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Help Understanding How Training Works


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Hello Everyone! I hope your day is going well.

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me understand how to set up my player's training regime.

I've been playing the FMH/FMM series since the 2013 edition. Well, I've been more of a casual player. I never really got into the game. I would always choose one of the basic formations(4-4-2 mostly), and always chose to let the game set my starting XI.

I recently downloaded FMM18 and decided to buckle down and really try to immerse myself in the game.

I've started to really look at player's attributes and the stats they produce during games.

Something that has really helped me tune into the game is turning the Use Fake Players option in the settings on.

Instead of starting a game with a focus on signing Messi from Barcelona(never had any luck with that), or Ronaldo from Real(struck out here too), I would be able to go after this Argentina native named José Maria(totally not Messi).

It also creates a different game everytime I create a new save. New players with New Attributes.

Now that I have really started to get into the game, I have noticed that I've got myself into a situation. I'm taking a free kick with a stone, and I was wondering if there is anyone who can help me out.

As manger of Seattle I am going through an injury crisis. My main goal scorer suffered an injury and he's gonna be out for about 3 months. He an older player so I expected him to have some injury issues and I've been searching for a youngster to replace him. I have a striker that I recently found floating around on free transfer that I want to use as his replacement.


I want to make him more present in the air and a more physically imposing player. My problem is I don't know which areas in his training I need to focus on.


Which areas do I focus on if I want to make his Ariel and physical attributes better? Any articles or tips or anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and may you all stay frosty. 

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5 minutes ago, setiawanjimmy said:

I don' think you can improve aerial. It's like the player's height.

For strength, Fitness training.

Thanks Mate. Just set it up so that my new striker has some fitness training coming his way.

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11 hours ago, Dar J said:

You have to put him on defensive training to improve his aerial ability but it won't improve by much


9 hours ago, PriZe said:

This, highest increase i have seen is +1

I'm a total cheapskate so any increase I can get without spending any of my transfer/wage budget is an increase I'll take ?

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