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Challenges Scoring With Legends


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first of a little thank you @danovic78 with his The Fabled Number 10 shirt: A Juventus Challenge for the inspiration


In top-level association football, 30 players have scored 500 or more goals over the course of their career, according to research by the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation. Only players who were active in top division football for all or most of their careers are considered. The ranking below takes into account goals scored in official matches played with national teams at all age levels and clubs in all divisions.

The 10 greatest:


name country
1. Josef Bican Czech Republic / Austria
2. Rómario Brazil
3. Pelé Brazil
4. Ferenc Puskás Hungary / Spain
5. Gerd Müller Germany
6. Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal
7. Lionel Messi Argentina
8. Ferenc Deák Hungary
9. Uwe Seeler Germany
10. Túlio Maravilha Brazil



The Challenge:

  • This challenge will take 5 seasons.
  • It's a 2 striker challenge.
  • Each season you buy a player with same nationality as the first and last position player in the list and make them score as much as possible:
    • Season 1: A Czech or Austrian striker (Josef Bican) + A Brazilian striker (Túlio Maravilha)
    • Season 2: A Brazilian striker (Rómario) + A German striker (Uwe Seeler)
    • Season 3: A Brazilian striker (Pelé) + A Hungarian striker (Ferenc Deák)
    • Season 4: A Hungarian or Spannish striker (Ferenc Puskás) + An Argentinian striker (Lionel Messi)
    • Season 5: A German striker (Gerd Müller) + A Portuguese striker (Cristiano Ronaldo)
  • Each striker can only be used 1 season, then has to be demoted or sold.
  • Each season your 2 strikers goals will become your total.
  • You can transfer in other players also to boost your team, but you are NOT allowed to buy your strikers a season early to train them or so ;) 



The Rules:

  • Load up any leagues and take over any club you like (I suggest a teams with enough transfer funds, so you can buy the best of the best)
  • No unlockables (sugar daddy etc) (gold badge and reputation are allowed).
  • No use of text changes, save editor or IGE at all.
  • No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!!
  • A career must be posted, as screenshots are needed as evidence.
  • If requested you must upload your save so we can check no cheating has taken place via the save editor, failure to do this will result in you being rejected from the leader board.
  • Own formations only
  • SI databases only
  • No Myclub or created players
  • Have fun




The Leaderbord:



If I made a mistake somewhere feel free to point it out :) 

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3 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

Is it a must that the first two players had to be bought in? Is it okay if I play with City and used Jesus as my first? Nice challenge btw.

Yeah, that's okay mate ;) 

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