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Challenges Spinal Surgery in Benevento - Single-season challenge


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Some of you have probably heard of the expression that as long as you have a strong spine in your team, you can get away with weaknesses on the edges. In this single-season adventure, we put the saying, as well as your surgical abilities, to the test.

Benevento is currently “enjoying” a less than stellar debut campaign in the Serie A, where they are dead last, having started the season with 14 straight losses before snatching their first point courtesy of a 95th minute equalizer headed home by goalkeeper Alberto Bignoli. How different would things be had they had the spine of a late 80's Milan (Baresi, Rijkaard, van Basten) or early 10's Barcelona (Puyol, Xavi, Messi)? Well that's - kind of- what where here to find out. 

Your task is to find three central players (one CD, one DM/CM/AM and one ST) to create that spine that will get you as many points as possible as you play through the 2017/2018 season with Benevento. 

To aid you in this quest is the Sugar daddy unlock, which by my trials provide you with a €50M transfer budget. This is the spending limit to your challenge. You can only bring in these 3 players and using player exchanges to boost your transfer funds are not allowed. 


You will score points both based on the success of your team, and your core players and we will only look at the performances in the Serie A (i.e. feel free to throw the Coppa Italia or use it as a chance to get other players some minutes).

Team performance:

  • Accumulated Points: Simple, add the amount of points accumulated in the Serie A to your score. 
  • Goals scored: Take the amount of goals scored by your team and split them in half. That’s your score.
  • Goals conceded: Take the amount of goals conceded by your team and subtract from your score. Sorry, no splitting things in half on this one. 

Player performance:

  • Goals + Assists: Add up the goals and assists scored by your three spine players and split them in half.
  • Serie A Player of the year: Add 15 points to your score if a player in your team that is NOT a “spine player” wins the POTY award to celebrate the fact that your spine has elevated the performance of others.


  • All the usual rules applies, i.e. own tactics, no edited files, no restarts or other funny business in general. The one exception is the use of Sugar daddy which is encouraged to get that €50M transfer budget.
  • Coaching reputation and badge is allowed, and feel free to do whatever to your staff.
  • Original and imaginative player choices are applauded, even if they add no points to your score. You can load up any league but must start in the 2017/2018 season.
  • Post your score in a career thread or use this thread if you’d like. Screenshots required are final table, transfers in, player history of your chosen spine and the POTY award if you want it to count.


  1. @1899 with 83.5 points - https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/41329-dr-1899-completes-the-spinal-surgery-challenge/
  2. @kts365 with 46.5 points (no sugar daddy) - https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/41340-spinal-surgery-for-benevento/


Good luck, have fun and remember to wash your hands before you start operating! 


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Sounds like a fun 1-season challenge and a fair use of the Sugar Daddy. Hope there's a few leaderboard addicts on Vibe to give this a try. 

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Cheers @Titjes and @BatiGoal. I think it should be a fun one and hopefully some variety in how the spine is created as well.  

I'll give it a go myself in a while but would feel a bit silly if my own name was the first on the leaderboard :) 

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24 minutes ago, kts365 said:

Another 1 season challenge to have a go at. Would i be disqualified if i didnt go sugardaddy?

Perfectly OK to try it without the sugar daddy. €50M is the upper limit but I don't see the point of having a lower limit threshold.

Looking forward to see you have a go at it! 

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1 hour ago, 1899 said:

Perfectly OK to try it without the sugar daddy. €50M is the upper limit but I don't see the point of having a lower limit threshold.

Looking forward to see you have a go at it! 

Already on it mate. Will post a small thread in a day or two


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