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Challenges The British Steel Challenge

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The British Steel Challenge

The Challenge:



The British Steel Challenge is a classic journeyman challenge. You start the game unemployed, with hopes to one day win EVERY trophy in Britain. Hard? Well, let's see.


  • Load every league in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales
  • Start unemployed and find your first job (Must be in the lowest league of one of the nations)
  • You cannot leave a club until you have won something with them.
  • You can only sign British players, you may use foreign players already at the club.
  • Sacked = Challenge failed
  • No editor or use of changes.text.
  • You may use coaching badges
  • No holidaying
  • All progress must be shown in a separate thread.

Can you win all 31 trophies? Your score will be the amount of trophies you have won before being sacked or unable to continue.


Nobody yet :/

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