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Career Spinal Surgery for Benevento


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Spinal Surgery

Some of you may have noticed i have been hammering the one season challenges recently. This is another which caught my eye.

So thanks to @1899 for making this challenge. 

Basically in this challenge you can activate sugar daddy and only have a budget of €50m to buy a CB, DM/CM/CAM and a striker. And thats all you can buy.

However, me being me, I am not using sugar daddy. So without further ado, lets meet the lads.

The Players



An experienced central defender with high attributes in all the right places. 



A young Brazilian with a lot of 13/14 attributes. He should sit behind the striker nicely.



Another experienced South American here with greens in all the right places with that pace, movement and technique he should scare a few defences. 

So how much did my new spine cost?


Yup, only £7.25m which is definitely under €50m

Fingers crossed the guys do well.

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3 hours ago, NucleusNT said:

Good luck mate


1 hour ago, Titjes said:

Next tile spend less, you almost wasted those 50mil :P Good luck mate ;)

Thanks guys.


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Lets see how the season went. Here were some of the better results.



P.S. that victory 4-1 over Roma was a cup final.

And heres how the guys look attribute wise end of season


Maidana stil a strong defender coming into his twilight years


Scarpa looking damn good. Look at all those greens!


Welliton had suffered a late season injury which made his attributes awful.

So lets see how they did.


With 1 goal and 1 assist Maidana gives us 1 whole point. Yay!


Scarpa bangs in 15 goals and 13 assists for 14 points.


Welliton had all the makings of a good season with 9 goals and an assist in his 9 games for 5 points but he had some injury trouble.



There's the boys' performances but how did the team do?


6th is not a bad finish but look at those goals conceded! Crapola!


Maidana 2/2 = 1 point

Scarpa (15+13)/2 = 14 points

Welliton (9+1)/2 = 5 points

Total = 20 points

Team goals 69/2 = 34.5

Team points = 59

Goals conceded = 67

Total 20+34.5+59-67 = 46.5 points

@1899 stick me bottom of that leaderboard


Edited by kts365
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24 minutes ago, NucleusNT said:

Hard going that mate


2 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Bad luck mate, but still a nice score ;) He was so much injured :O 

I feel if not for wellitons injuries i could have pushed 1899 closer

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2 hours ago, Mikee1984 said:

Great season but I think you Need to recalculate your score mate, serie A goals and assists only count.

Bugger thanks for the heads up. Recalculated.


Edited by kts365
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Good job, but unfortunate with the striker injury. Try it again with the sugar daddy option later on :)

Nice to have another name on the leaderboard!

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