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Challenges We Are Family! (1 season challenge)


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We Are Family!

In football there are many siblings, past and present. From the Charltons to the Boatengs, the Laudrups to the Militos, the De Jongs to the Ameobis (dreadful both). However there are also many players with the same surname and no family ties. Wayne and Adam Rooney, Adama, Adama and Bertrand Traoré. There are many more but I do not want to give everything away, as i have a challenge. 

The Challenge

Simple. Assemble a team with as few surnames as possible. For the purpose of this challenge a surname is the one which appears last on the team select screen so dont worry about those south americans with six names. If it says "Juan Garcia" he is a Garcia. Dutch names like De Jong or Van Persie count as one. The surnames must always be spelled the same too, no Anderson and Andersen.

If you aren't sure PM me for judgement.

With this in mind, assemble your team of few surnames and set out to score as many league goals and points as you can.

You may choose any league at all.


Your score will be as follows

  • Take your league points total
  • Add to that your league goals total
  • Divide by the number of surnames in your squad

Simple but difficult.


  1. No use of unlockables
  2. No cheating or reloading
  3. No use of editors
  4. Proof of scores required for leaderboard
  5. Have fun


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