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iScout Yiğithan Güveli


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Going back to my Adu save I noticed a defender who has kind of snook up over 5 seasons. He starts off in the Fenerbahçe reserve squad.


He is 19 and looks bang average. The only good stat is his Aerial. So 5 seasons later and I have barely used him, he has been out on loan a few times but i could have stunted his growth a little.


This is him now at 24. His physicals are not amazing but they are high level blues.

Central defender primary stat increases.

                  19                  24            Change

Aerial        16.                 17.               +1

Tack.         11.                 20.              +9

Aggr.         13.                 13.               0

Dec.          9.                    17.              +8

Pos.          10.                  18.              +8

Team.       11.                  14.              +3

Str.             13.                  14.             +1

He will make a decent player in any CD role, as an Anchorman, defensive midfielder, ball winning midfielder and with his decent passing he might even pass for a deep lying playmaker.

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5 minutes ago, baturay_ertek12 said:

He is a fantastic. He is jest of Fenerbahçe Younger Players. I am Fenerbahçe suporter too. Maybe he is İmportant Turkish Player in the future. 

Fingers crossed he becomes the player he can be then.

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