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Help Adding Players - Help Wanted

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Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Basically, there are players that are on the FM database (according to sortitoutsi) that can not be found on FMM no matter what leagues you load.

What I was wondering is can anyone help me add one of these players into the FMM game, surely if SI have a player in their database they can be brought into FMM somehow?


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Not sure if it would be possible although hopefully someone will prove me wrong.

As far as I know the DB is based on the PC game but then is reduced for FMM to make the game run smoother. I would imagine that means those players are completely removed on the FMM database. The only way they could be added would be to do a myClub and create them or use the IGE to edit them over an existing player.

Hopefully I'm wrong.    

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