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Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

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Dare to Dream - The Bahamas  ??



Sky Sports News Anchor: It has just been confirmed, the Football Association of the Bahamas has elected an interesting candidate as its new president. We have Kirsty Gallacher in Nassau, Bahamas to tell you more.

Kirsty: Yes I'm here outside the office of the BFA, where earlier Irishman James Sullivan was announced as the new president of the BFA. Sullivan has been living in the Bahamas for several years. He has stated that he wants to "change football in the Bahamas" and has promised to invest thousands into each club in the Bahamas in the hope that they can produce quality football players for the future.

In another huge surprise, James has appointed his brother; Luke, as the new manager of the Bahamas national football team. Sullivan told us that his driving ambition was to blood the new crop of Bahamian players into international football, and to one day qualify for the World Cup.


Thank you all for reading! I hope you guys are ready for the long journey ahead, trying to take the Bahamas to the top of world football!

Now this is where you guys come in, I want you lot to be involved in this journey as much as possible, so what I want you to do is PM me with questions for the new manager Luke Sullivan! I'll be starting the next update with a short QnA so PM your questions quick!





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Q and A:

Journalist: What are your long-term and short-term goals for the Bahamas?

Sullivan: For short-term, we're aiming to climb up the World Rankings, that way we'll enter World Cup Qualification at a later stage, giving us a better chance of qualifying. 

Long-term, the aim is to qualify for the World Cup. We've seen before what qualifying for the World Cup does for a nation, Iceland, Panama are examples. We want that for the Bahamas, the joy and drama of the World Cup is unimaginable. 

Journalist: Are there any young prospects in your ranks?

Sullivan: The whole team are prospects, our oldest player is only 26 I believe. You could say that the lack of experience is a disadvantage, or you could say that the planning for the future is an advantage.

Journalist: What players do you expect to perform instantly?

Sullivan: Everyone. From what I've seen in training, this is a determined and ambitious group of lads. I don't expect anything less than 100% from the lads. 


Let's get into this. Basically, in order for us to get a full squad of Bahamian players, I needed to holiday a season. But it has 100% been worth it, these regens have been amazing. 

The Players (The best 23):
































Mouth-watering stuff, now, let's have a look at the 2018 friendlies:



Amazing result, great sign of things to come once we start the competitive matches.


Not as comfortable as I would have liked, but still a solid performance.


What can I say?


Alle Kamalla really shined in this game, and funny enough after this match he became the all-time top goalscorer for the Bahamas, in just 4 games!


But we've got Alle! Duh duh duh duh duh duh Oh McAleny! Duh duh duh duh duh duh!


Is there a record for quickest hattrick or even 4-goal haul on the FMM18 Book of Records? 'Cos I think Pascual may have smashed it.


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23 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Some squad, at least you've got some pace in the team :D goodluck! 

Yes it is! Thanks mate. 

8 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

Don't know who the journalist was but what a great bunch of questions.

Looks like you have some good prospects there. Good luck.

Oh yes, I wonder who the journalist was? ;)

Definitely the lads are amazing, way better than I anticipated. Seems the journey may be slightly easier than I thought

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2019 was a brilliant year for the Bahamas, you'll see why later, but first let's look at the new team and players for 2019.





The keepers remain unchanged. Moya has been sensational and Park is the 2nd best Bahamian goalkeeper at the moment.










A few new guys here, but our defence has improved massively since 2018.














Decent midfield, loving Röcker at the moment.






Furtado has overtaken Kamalle's position of the 1st team striker. He's simply been more clinical and has played a crucial part in our World Cup Campaign.

So, how have we done so far this year?



Amazingly! As you can see we've been doing quite well in the World Cup Qualifiers, reaching the 4th round. How did we beat the might Trinidad in the 3rd round?


The first leg didn't go great, but that away goal proved crucial.


The moment which made me decide who my best striker really was.

So there we were, all set for the fourth round. We were drawn in a group with Jamaica, Panama and Curacao (thank Christ we avoided USA, Mexico, Costa Rica and Honduras)

The first match was against Curacao at home.


Brilliant result! Goals spread out across a number of players too. How would we do in the last match of 2019 against Panama?


I'm genuinely starting to love Furtado. Great performance from the lads, putting us top of the group with 6 points after 2 games. We have a huge chance of getting into the 5th round, we' rejust 4 more heroic performances away.


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You’ve got some cracking players there, surely won’t be long until you start progressing even further. May I ask what leagues did you load to be able to take the Bahamas job? Keep up the good work. 

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2 hours ago, Neavsey said:

You’ve got some cracking players there, surely won’t be long until you start progressing even further. May I ask what leagues did you load to be able to take the Bahamas job? Keep up the good work. 

Basically, you can't take the Bahamas job without using changes.txt.

What you have to do is create a save with a random club (you'll be resigning after so it doesn't matter)

Then save the game and back out of FMM.

Then locate the Documents folder and go to Documents/Sports Interactive/FMM18/Normal and make a changes.txt file there. In the changes.txt file, add the following:

"MANAGER" "firstname" "surname" "club" "" "" "" "" "" "nation" "" ""
"MANAGER" "firstname" "surname" "nation" "" "" "" "" "" "nation" "" ""
"MANAGER" "firstname" "surname" "nation" "" "" "" "" "" "club" "" ""

Obviously fill the name with your name, the club with the club you chose to manage and the nation with the nation you want to manage.

Go back into the game and you should be managing your club AND your desired nation. Resign from your club if you want to only manage the nation.

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1 hour ago, mcandrew003 said:

What a unique save! Loved the intro to it and am enjoying the adventure so far. Can't wait for more!

Thanks mate (y) Should have another update up tomorrow.

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2020 - 1st Half

Okay, let's get into this. I would just like to apologise that this isn't much of an update, but it's something and I promised an update for today.

Anyway, our two matches in the first half of 2020 were Jamaica away and Panama at home. Two crucial games in our qualifying campaigns. 


The group before the two games.

It didn't get off to the best of starts when my two centre backs got injured before I selected my 23-man squad for the games.

But then it got worse, AFTER I selected the 23-man squad 4 more players got injured including our star man Furtado! Meaning we had to field a weak team for the two games.


How would we cope with this setback?



We were humiliated. I feel the scoreline is harsh on us, but getting towards the 70th minute we had to just throw everyone forward and we were punished for it.


Heroic performance from the lads. That could be huge for our World Cup dreams.

How does the table look after those games?



Still top! And 5 points clear of 3rd! Meaning a draw in our next game (Curacao away) would see us through to the 5th round IF Panama lose or draw with Jamaica! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this short update, should be back to you guys shortly!

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2020 - 3/4 Update or Final Update?

It comes down to this, this update could either be just another update of 2020 if we advance to the fifth round or it could be our last update of 2020 if we fail to advance. Pressure is on, we have two crucial games against Curacao away and Jamaica at home. 

In other news, our starting Centre Back Curro Gordon has signed for Atletico Madrid


For the two games I tried playing a counter-attacking tactic. Hopefully the change pays off.

Without further ado, let's get into the two games.


Curacao away, if we win this game we will advance to the fifth round of World Cup qualification.


And we do just that! Incredible, extremely happy for the lads. Could we be looking at World Cup Qualification at our first time of asking? Hopefully, but we will have to find that out next year.

Now we've got Jamaica at home, can we get revenge for their 4-0 hammering of us in Kingston?


Yes! Huge win! Happy to see Furtado back to scoring ways. 




Next update will be the last of 2020 and will showcase Jamaica away (fond memories xD) and Honduras at home. Thanks for reading! Up the Baha Boys!


Edited by ManLikeRobbieBrady
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8 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

Great results kiu and we will see The Baha men in the world cup.

Thanks mate, going to have a tough time against Mexico, USA and Costa Rica though :P

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The Final Part of 2020

2020 has seemed like a momentous year for the Bahamas, there's been 3 parts for it!

I'm sure 2021 will get the same treatment, anyway let's get into the update.

Before I get into the games against Jamaica and Honduras, I would like to mention that I've got the best regen ever, I'm sure you'll see why.


His name is Roberto Fellaini... 16 leadership aye?


I just had to.

Anyway the matches, two important games as these are the two teams we will be fighting with for that 4th place playoff spot. How did we do?



Not a great start, I feel on another day we would have got a draw but we have to put it behind us and move onwards! Honduras next at home!

tBjnAAF.jpgBrilliant response by the lads, Kamalla saving us yet again. 


That leaves us in second place! Those 5 goals were crucial and our goal difference shows that, if we could just get our defence sorted we would be laughing!

Short update to cap off 2020, next game is against Mexico so I expect the Baha Boys (or as Fox called them 'Baha Men) to put in another heroic performance when it matters most. 

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2021 - Part 1

After an amazing 2020 for the Bahamas which saw heroic performances against Panama, Curacao and Honduras, a few hammerings from the Jamaicans and the birth of the Bahamian Fellaini, pressure is on for the Baha Boys to perform and pick up points. This is a make-or-break year for the Bahamas, one which could end in World Cup Qualification or the disappointment of a missed opportunity.

We started things off against Mexico, but first let me tell you about Eroll Hufnagel.


This lad's been brought in to add pace to the striking position. He's done well during the friendlies so I decided to give him a run out for the two crucial qualifiers against Mexico and USA. 



Not the best of starts to a year, but it would've been unrealistic to expect anything more. Hufnagel scored on his competitive debut. Next is USA at home.


Massive result, probably the best so far in this save. Hufnagel showing his worth with 2 more goals. 


Those two results see us sitting in 2nd! That 3-0 pumping of the USA proved crucial as we are ahead of them on goal difference. Two huge games against Costa Rica and Jamaica to come in the next update!

Thanks for reading, I would also like to mention that the draw for the Gold Cup has taken place and we've gotten a rather favourable group.


Up the Baha Boys!

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2021 - Part 2

Our two games today see us take on Costa Rica at home and our good friends Jamaica at home.

After the amazing 3-0 win over the USA, I was expecting us to win at least one of these games. Let's see if we were able to do that and keep our World Cup Dreams alive.



Well, couldn't of asked for a better performance from the boys! 4-2 win in front of our own fans! That surely will put us in a good position


What a game this was. It looked like we were going to lose to Jamaica AGAIN, but then with the last kick of the game, Ismail Rocker smashed home the equaliser to send Nassau into hysterics! Great point IMO.


We're still 2nd, it's going to be a big 4 games. The game against USA away will probably be the difference maker between qualification and 4th place. 

Our next update will actually be of the North American Gold Cup, as that takes place before the next bunch of qualifiers. Hopefully we'll go far in it, potential winners? Who knows!

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What a brilliant two updates! The win against USA was huge for your hopes and your new striker looks to be doing well. 

The gold cup is a very exciting competition, best of luck!

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29 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

What a brilliant two updates! The win against USA was huge for your hopes and your new striker looks to be doing well. 

The gold cup is a very exciting competition, best of luck!

Thanks mate, and yes Hufnagel's doing brilliantly! 

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