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Chat How should I get more South American footballers?


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Which league to choose for more South American footballers? I was looking for players like Leandro Grimi, Felipe Mattioni, Fabricio Coloccini, Tabare Viudez, Mathias Cardacio. Neilton, Rivaldinho, I would like to know if I can find them in the database. Thank you.

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19 minutes ago, NucleusNT said:

You’ll have to start a new save, them when selecting your 4 manageable leagues, select Brazil and Argentina as two of them

He’ll have a job considering they aren’t playable :laugh:

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23 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Brazil used to be :(

I thought as much. I’m convinced I had a save there one year. Haven’t thought about those leagues often enough tbh

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There are no S.American leagues, so my guess would be that the players based in South America are always the same, dependant only on your database size. If you want to have S.American players based outside S.America, than load the leagues they play in.

I did some experiments, loading every possible league combination. I couldn't find any of the players you mentioned, unfortunately. So I think it is safe to assume they're not in the game.


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To add to that, you can try to maximise the number of South American based players by playing around with the leagues you load.

For example:

Loaded Leagues - Number of S.American based players

  • USA, Australia, Portugal (all leagues), Spain (all leagues): 352
  • USA, Australia, Portugal (all leagues), Italy (all leagues): 336
  • USA, Australia: 287
  • USA: 242
  • Spain, Italy, England, Germany (all leagues): 208
  • Australia: 201
  • Portugal (all leagues): 192
  • Spain (All leagues): 185
  • Italy (All leagues): 165
  • Portugal (Premier League only): 164
  • South Korea (All leagues): 155
  • Turkey (All leagues): 155

So, it seems a good idea to have a game with USA and Australia loaded, plus some European leagues with plenty of South Americans.

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