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Career GWC’s attempt at The UK Challenge


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Making this the first challenge I attempt. Stage 1 completed using Cliftonville & Alex Nimely smashing that record. (PS Joe Gormley scored 31 in 14/15)

There’s currently no jobs in the SPL so another season with Cliftonville is on the cards and now we are in Europe maybe Nimely can bag a few more than last season






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2nd Season over and with Nimely kept out of the team it was time for Gormley to take over and brake the record (equal in League).

won 2 titles and numerous awards.

still no SPL offers yet unfortunately 








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This UK challenge is very tough. At least on FMM17 it was, but I expect no different in 18. You wouldn't be surprised if you'd read previous UK careers. 

Goodluck anyway :)

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As BG said this was the toughest of the three "break the goal scoring record" challenges from last year, I did it but took me three attempts and a lot of luck, I think I ended up doing 5 seasons with Cliftonville before I finally got an SPL job

Hint Make sure you have the lower english leagues loaded as getting from Wales to England is a bitch, so you might have to settle for a lower league job and work your way up

Here's a link to my 3rd attempt if your interested 



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So forgot to update this properly last night. I decided after getting ge sack at Cliftonville my chances of jumping straight into SPL management would be extremely slim so I took the first Scottish job offered....Cowdenbeath in League 2, in the hopes I can succeed and get noticed by an SPL club.

Lingering just above the relegation play off place I set about signing a couple of players on frees and loans and boy did it work...I made the promotion play offs (although I was humiliated 6-2 on aggregate)

Now in my first full season things seem to be falling into place, insane game vs Hearts in the cup too.


Next update will be when this season is over.







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