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Career Premier League triple threat MMA knockout


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Hi guys, after much debating with myself about what challenge I should undergo next following my successful 1KC with Kristoffer Ajer. I have decided to go for a triple threat within the Premier league.



Im going for non other than United, I feel I know the team inside out and that gives me the best possible chance of making a great start.

The Players

Two of the players I’m using are already at the club so let me introduce them...


Anthony Martial, the eldest of the trio I’ll be using, but at only 21 I’m confident of having a successful career with him.


Marcus Rashford, the young englishman is known to be a prolific goal scorer in game.

Finally our third player, one who cost a whopping £50m, coming in all the way from Dortmund, Germany. Let me introduce you to...


Alexander Isak! Ok, so you probably didn’t need introducing. Most of us are well aware of this lads talents. I myself have never used him in game, so this will be a new player for me and I’m very excited to finally be using him

The Formation

After some testing over the last few days I’ve settled on a 4-1-2-3 formation to lead us forward.


So there we have it. Updates should be out daily-every other day, depending on work and that. I hope you will all enjoy this journey with me. Success or failure, I’m going through with this till the end.

Remember to drop a comment, and thanks for reading :celebrate:

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3 minutes ago, Taff said:

Good luck dude, have (am) using all three of these guys and they are all class

look forward to the first update


1 minute ago, FuddledFox said:

Good luck with this.

You have definitely picked some beastly players so I'm sure you can do it. 

Cheers lads, not the most creative player choices, but I want to make sure I’ve established myself before being really crazy and creative with my challenges, that way more people can laugh when I eventually fail ;)

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Season 1

Hey guys, I decided to change formation from the one in the OP, here it is


If it works, it works ??‍♂️



Some big money being spent in the first window. Thomas Lemar being the biggest name there, along with Isak and of course I signed Kristoffer Ajer ;) he wouldn’t be playing at ST though, I also decided to bring Memphis back to Old Trafford.


Dissapointed about Eric Bailly, but Isak has an issue with him, so he had to go.

European Super Cup


We lose the seasons curtain raiser to a dogged Real Madrid side.

Domestic Cups



Both cups in the bag. Two late Lukaku goals clinching the FA Cup in the Manchester derby.



Not a perfect season, but we win the league, as long as we’re scoring lots of goals, I’m happy. As you can see we managed to pull a 130 in the premier league which I’m delighted with.

Champions League


An absolutely mental final sees us beat Chelsea on penalties in the final...again.

The Triple Threat

Anthony Martial



42 goals for the Frenchman from the FL position as an IF. Decent start.

Marcus Rashford



Only 26 goals for Rashford from the FR position, he did receive a few knocks throughout the season which hampered his form. 

Alexander Isak



One less than Rashford playing as our central striker. He’s still young though and can only improve on this.

In all honesty I have no idea if this is a good start or not. Im fairly confident that the tree can improve year on year.

Total goals scored - 93/1500

Goals remaining- 1407

Thanks for reading :celebrate:


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Keep at it. Don’t do what I did and knee-jerk after the first season and essentially waste a few years messing around before returning to my original formation, lol. That’s a great start.

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1 hour ago, Taff said:

Good start dude, they’ll all grow and so will the team so kiu

Cheers Taff, I hope so

added 0 minutes later
10 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:

Keep at it. Don’t do what I did and knee-jerk after the first season and essentially waste a few years messing around before returning to my original formation, lol. That’s a great start.

Thanks mate

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Season 2



Effectively we have no new signings this season as these two would be loaned back immediately to their former clubs.


Just shifting the deadwood.

European Super Cup


An absolutely mental game, Isak netting four goals here.

Community Shield


Convincing victory against Chelsea in the curtain raiser.

Club World Cup


I was too late taking the screenshot for the game itself, but we managed to win.

League Cup


A narrow loss to the blue half of Merseyside after Martial sees a goal disallowed.

FA Cup


What a win this was. Martial scores in imjury time to take the game to extra time, before Lemar pops up with the winner in the final minute, all against our bitter rivals too, which makes this win even sweeter.



An undefeated league season, but with a small drop in goals, defence has tightened up though, which I suppose is a good thing I guess.

Champions League


Another Champions league victory with all three of our lads on the scoresheet.

The Triple Threat



Martial with two more goals than last season, not quite sure how I feel about it.



Rashford popping up with a decent season for us, 41 to add to his tally.



An improved season by Isak also, 36 to add to his tally.

All in all, a great season. The three improved on their first season numbers which bodes well for us.

Total goals this season - 121

Total goals overall - 214/1500

Thanks for reading and remember to leave a comment :celebrate:

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4 hours ago, mcandrew003 said:

Another solid season mate, your well on your way!

Cheers mate :)

3 hours ago, danovic78 said:

Decent first couple of seasons, plenty in the tank yet.

Thanks mate. Hoping for more next season 

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24 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Gotta love some of the basketball scores up there lol :laugh: KIU!

I think it’s the most mental tactic I’ve made this year in terms of goals scored/conceded

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Season 3

Sorry about the delay in updates guys, been an absolutely hectic week. Anyway, back to it.



Two huge statement signings this season. Diawara coming in to effectively replace Nemanja Matic, and Kimmich coming in as a versatile superstar.



Arthur had to go, everyone loathed him and I managed to get £70m for him which was good value, managed to also get £20m for a 30 year old Ander Herrera who would not be getting much first team football if he would have stayed, he rejoins his former side Bilbao.

Community Shield



Always a pleasure to beat our neighbours, even in a glorified friendly.

European Super Cup



Two of our three lads on the score sheet here.

Club World Cup 


4CDFFB00-3A36-4729-B549-6F8E21B5D14C.thumb.png.5740f7333b212a43763ca440fd2cce11.pngA nice 5-0 victory, comfortable.

League Cup



Our reserves win the League Cup. It did take Martial to come off the bench and score the winner however.

FA Cup 



Nice to see a change in opponent in a cup final,unfortunately Championship side Wednesday were no match for Rashford and co.




Decent defensive record, and another cracking goals scored record. Great season.

Champions League



An 89th minute Anthony Martial penalty wins the trophy in what was a much more comfortable match than the score line reflects. A flawless season, winning everything available.

The Triple Threat




His beast season so far, hitting past the 50 goal mark, great campaign from the young Frenchman. This coming after a month missing in action due to injury.



Small drop in goals but I was still pleased with how his season went.



This is purely down to tactical changes I had to implement. The AI had seemingly latched on to my tactic, a change was needed and his form took a hit. I’m sure it’ll improve.

So there we have it, another season down. Really hope the three kick on next season and hit some big numbers, just to ease the burden at the latter stages of the challenge.

Goals scored this season - 114

Total goals scored - 328/1500

Thanks for reading guys and remember to leave a comment :celebrate:

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47 minutes ago, PriZe said:

Great going so far mate!

Thanks mate, I forgot to mention you actually, this happened...


Thought you might like it ;)

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6 minutes ago, JohnyBravo said:

Good results, I'm really impressed with Martial's performance, if the other 2 match his level, 1,5k will be easy.

Cheers mate, yeah martial has been impressive, even with a month out he nearly outscored the other two combined. Need to tinker with the roles I’m using 

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Oh god. Whilst experimenting on a new save I’ve overwritten this save file :'( I’m absolutely gutted, if it was a season in then fair enough but I’d done three :@

Never mind, I’ll start again. Sorry lads

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