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Chat International goals


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I am at the end of season 3 in a goal challenge career. (which I will be posting soon)

I am managing a club side and as of this year also an international team. I am now recording this players goal tally for the season and I see on the players main screen it says 11 caps and 4 goals. But in his history screen it says international appearances 7 and goals 1.

I realise that the history screen is not including international friendlies.

So do international friendly goals count towards a players goal tally in these challenges? i.e. 1k, double trouble, triple threat etc...

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1 hour ago, Rob2017 said:

Friendlies don’t count


1 hour ago, DutchTony said:

Ok thanks.

I think international friendly goals do count in 1kc, DT, TT etc. I'm sure @scratch99 had a similar problem with the game not recording friendly goals in his Colidio 1kc.

Hopefully @danovic78 will confirm if they count or not.  

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We basically count what the game does tbh. The game counts ITN friendlies as official games as do most of us in real life, however most of us don't care for friendly club matches and the game also treats them as throw away games as they don't record them and they also give us an option to ignore them altogether. 

Take Kane for example in real life, we count all his goals for England but who knows his Spurs friendly stats? 

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So international friendlies DO count! Excellent!!

It is easy to track because my players in my challenge hadn't scored any international goals until I became the international manager. Plus I took screenshots of the players international goals on the main page when I became international manager.

I'm looking forward to posting this challenge.

@Ashez gave me the idea over a year ago and I don't think it's been attempted yet.

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