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Challenges Prove It - An FMM Challenge


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Prove It - An FMM Challenge

Hey guys and welcome to another unique FMM challenge, which has been inspired by not only my very first taste of proffesional football (Joking :P) but several challenges around the Vibe community. With challenges like the John Charles challenge which require you to make a goalscorer of a central defender lurking around, I thought it was time to take things to another level. 

What Is the Challenge?

The 'Prove It' Challenge is a new idea which tests your ablility as a manager to squeeze goals out of a player of any calibre and position. The concept is based loosely around the constant dressing room talk you hear before a football match in the melting pot of personalities that is the changing room. The big egos go head to head to, embarking upon a battle of words as to who is the better goalscorer and who can score the most goals. Even the goalkeeper is involved. It's surely just him bigging himself up, isn't it?


Pick any team in world football. It doesn't matter who, it can be a team you love or someone you've wanted to try for a while. Your challenge is to embark upon 11 seasons of rigorous goalscoring, taking a player from every position and sticking them up from for a single season each, allowing them the opportunity to 'Prove it'. However, you can mix and match which position you pick for which season. For example in season one, you might give your right back the opportunity to prove it, and then pick your left winger the next season. The general idea is you get through the entire 11 positions your team has to offer and record a score. There is a sense of tactical prowess too. Do you wait until you've established a decent side before picking your striker to give you a high strike chance? Or pick him in season one and give yourself some headroom?


- Play 11 seasons before submitting your score 

- Your formation must be realistic. For example you can't cheat and play a 5 striker formation. 

- No editing

- No reloading

- Regarding players, your chosen player must have been at the club for at least a season already. This stops you immediately buying the best players for each season, yet you can develop them a few seasons before you pick them if you are smart. 

- Have fun

Scoring System

Your leaderboard score is:

Goals In All Competitions For All Players

Individual Player Awards - 20 Points

So, what do you all think? Feel free to make suggestions. I think this could be a fun career and I hope someone embarks upon it. Thanks for reading!


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